• Q. Should we need shoes to ride Interceptor or wearing slippers is enough?

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    Manoj | 1 month ago

    Ideally you should not ride any motorcycle wearing slippers. Many reasons for this, but the most important is that your feet are exposed to stones and other objects thrown up by the front wheel and also by other vehicles. So its always recommended to wear footwear that cover your ankles for best protection. Interceptor being a heavy motorcycle, its becomes even more important to wear shoes while riding. In the unfortunate event of a fall, if you re wearing shoes it will protect your feet and ankles much better than slippers. Also while putting your feet down while in stop and go traffic, slippers can actually slip and cause a fall. Since we graduated from cycles to mopeds to motorcycles, we don't think much of protection needed while riding. But bikes like interceptor are big and heavy and run really hot. So shoes are a must if you are conscious about your safety.

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    Zigwheels | 2 months ago

    Wearing shoes adds to the safety of the rider and are always recommended. As for the heat, it was much lower in the road test than we expected. You can definitely feel some of it in stop-go traffic but it is nothing that would cook your thighs. Moreover, we'd recommend taking a test ride of the bike in order to get acquainted with the performance and compatibility. Click on the following link for dealership details and select your city accordingly - Royal Enfield Bike Showrooms Read more: - Royal Enfield Interceptor 650: Road Test Review

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    Uppiliappan | 2 months ago

    Definitely shoe or Boot is the best riding pattern & Safety for INT 650. But till date i am riding my INT 650 wearing slippers only.

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    Bronwyn | 1 month ago

    You should wear shoes or boots no matter what motorcycle you ride. Very silly not to.

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    Abuzar | 1 month ago

    You should ride with shoes especially covering your ankle with nonslipery sole.

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