• Q. I have been using a RE Electra from 2013. Have done quite a few long rides and was happy with the bike. But there are few disappointments with this bike, high maintenance, thin tyres, vibration, feels heavy for the city rides and every now and then there some rattling sound due to high vibration. I am tempted to consider Pulsar NS200 over my RE. But my concern is that is NS200 comfortable for long rides, does it have vibrations too over 80km speed, I am used to upright seating position, does the sporty seating position of NS200 hurt during long rides. How is it's maintenance.

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    Sravan | 10 months ago

    No basically comparing to Royal Enfield with 200 NS I prefer 200NS because it is most highly performance both for touring and riding I have been gone for total 18 rides till now I never feel liker any disappointment with sitting positions because it's too hard to find a vehicle which has a race look and a former touring vehicle so I prefer 200 NS and it doesn't have any vibrations my top speed was 153 kmph and I didn't even found any vibration at that sort of point also

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    Nandaditya | 10 months ago

    Well maintenance isn't much in ns200 highway cruising is better than city commute as the engine heats up in city and vibrations come over 120 or so suspensions are stiff so have to take care of the bumps rest all is fine seating isn't too committed will require some getting used to with the rear set footrest but it doesn't hurt the ankle.if it is discomforting for you then see for the apache it is more upright than ns200

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    Parz | 10 months ago

    If ur a RE fan than its too hard to convert you to a sporty rider but when we talk about Ns its sitting poisture is most comfortable and in terms of vibration is nilll almost till 120

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    Jejikiran | 9 months ago

    Don't worry pulsar 200 ns is super than your old bike it doesn't sound or vibrate over 80 kmph speed it is amazing in long rides maintaence is low than re

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    SHIVANG | 10 months ago

    If you have used RE 350, so you should Go for duke 390 ... But if you are stricted in budget go for NS.. you will not be disappointed.

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    Kittu | 9 months ago

    It's maintenance is good nd after 130 speed u get slight variation in it it is good

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    Vikram | 10 months ago

    Thank you Faraz, Shivang , Parz and Nandaditya.

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    Chuck | 9 months ago

    Suggest the Dominar 400 for you. best overall

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    Faraz | 10 months ago

    No vibration very good bike less maintenance

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    Vikram | 10 months ago

    Thanks Sravan :)

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