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  • Q. Does Okinawa Raise raise can climb like 40 to 45 degree up level road?
    Megha | 9 months ago

    @ Vishal | Vishal

    Only if you are lightweight. Not a powerful motor. I am 46kgs and its pretty fast with me goes up to 55kmh max on steep road and I am from Bangalore.. roads are hills here.. but when with my boyfriend the weight goes up to 115kgs for both of us, then the top speed falls to 45kmh on flat road and around 35kms on steep. Also as a single rider the mileage is around 60kms. Combined weight it barely gives 20-25kms. So I think this model suits lightweight people more. I would like to check out the other models in okinawa that are 2500watts. Plus I don't like the suspension and battery cover in this one. Keeps jumping on bumps. I would suggest okinawa to make better arrangements to hold the battery in place for bumpy roads so it doesn't go "thud thud" on every potholes, guessing Japan doesn't need it but Indian roads do..especially bangalore...haha

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  • Q. Is it suitable for steep road - Raise?
    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    As this scooter gets a 250 watts motor which might face a few difficulties for the availability of the torque while on the steep roads. We would suggest a single rider while riding on the steeps. Moreover, we won't recommend this scooter for the steep streets.

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    Zigwheels | 1 year ago

    With a single charge, you can travel 60-65 kms easily.

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