• Q. How is the maintenance of RE Classic 350?

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    Hridayesh | 2 months ago

    Nominal! My friend own Bajaj Avenger, street... His service cost is more than mine. I own Classic 350.. depends on Bike, but classic maintenance is reasonable.. avg 1000rs

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    Hridayesh | 4 months ago

    It's not much. For two year you will reguralrlly visit the service center and it will cost you between 500 to 1500 unless you change any parts. In sort, maintainance is not high. You can also get your bike serviced outside Service center in 600 700 rs, but I would suggest to go to service center

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    Abhishek | 4 months ago

    For the First 2 Service... it Costs around below 600-800 , including the Oil Change in the Two Consecutive Services And then later , it Costs around 1000 to 1500 With the Labour Charge from the 5th Service onwards. Happy Biking ;)

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    Ankit | 10 months ago

    Those who are saying the maintenance is less are either lying or have new bikes. Caus3 the maintenance could go upto 5-7 k a year if you go to authorised service center. Its not a reliable bike it could break down anywhere.

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    Revathi | 1 month ago

    Normally! Only Engine oil costly! Please don't put any accessories from Showroom! Then your cost Can be more than 10k/month

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    Kanakarajan | 9 months ago

    Still i didn't do anything for it. I'm using the vehicle for a year and driven around 18000 kms. Just a general service and oil change I have totally spend around 7k only for a year.

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    Pawan | 9 months ago

    RE classic want much care. Its chain spocket need be changed after 12000-15000. And journal maintenance will take about 1500rs if you go to royal enfield authorized service centre.

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    Subscribers | 1 week ago

    A person whom earns more than 30k it can make sense if he don’t have too much commitment.

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    Uppiliappan | 2 months ago

    Every 3000 km . Rs.1850/- . Now in 2019 RE has changed the the service interval to 10,000 km.

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    VR46 | 2 months ago

    Maintenance is ok but sometimes it digs a hole in the pocket πŸ™„

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