• Q. Hello, Does HORNET ABS DLX , is single channel or dual channel ABS ? , please explain ....

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    Samiran | 2 weeks ago

    Single channel abs on the front wheel. rear has a disc brake. while braking, front:rear brake should be around 70:30. and skidding and falling off is mostly because of front wheel lockup due to harsh braking. so front wheel ABS is good enough

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    Nirmal | 2 months ago

    Single Channel ABS only.....In DLX version both Wheels are Disc Brakes But ABS is fitted only on Front Disc brake...

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    Sainik | 2 weeks ago

    Hornet deluxe version has dual disc brakes but ABS is functional only on the front disc.

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    Ashish | 2 days ago

    Single channel, when any bike coming with single channel it always in front wheel.

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    Sayan | 2 months ago

    Abs dlx - Single channel abs and rear disc

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    Dhananjay | 4 months ago

    Single channel ABS on front wheel. One does not need Dual channel ABS on a 150-160 cc bikes as they are not very fast bikes.

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    Rishav | 2 months ago

    Dual channel abs

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    Soumen | 1 month ago

    Single channel

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    SASIKIRAN | 3 weeks ago

    It's single channel ABS

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    Rana | 1 year ago

    It is a 2nd bike after Suzuki Gixxer SF to get ABS and single channel unit .Two versions DLX and STD

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