• Q. For which one should I go between for Bullet 500 and Dominar?

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    Sandeep | 9 months ago

    Go for dominar because it's got more power and torque than bullet. Dominar has 35 bhp and 35nm torque where as bullet 500 has 27.5 bhp and 41.3nm torque. Bullet is a slow speed engine whereas dominar is a high speed engine. Bullet design is of 1940's whereas dominars design is modern age

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    Rahul | 9 months ago

    Go for Dominar 400 unless you are not influenced by society or brand name of bullet. D400 has more advance features and safety as compared to bullet and power too.. Go for 2019 model it has a power upgrade from 35 bhp to 40bhp..🔥❤🔥

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    Arbaz | 9 months ago

    As Bullet 500 lack in power and braking as compare to dominar. If you are looking for power and looks with new technology you can go for dominar. But if you are a RE lover then go for Bullet 500

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    Raj | 9 months ago

    Go for Dominar.... the machine is good and refined.. it is a beast... it will also be easy on your pocket...... bullet is also a good machine but maintainence will eat you up.

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    Gaurav | 7 months ago

    If you are fan old school, basic and low reving engine choose enfield, if you are fan of new technology and high reving engine go for dominar

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    Rohit | 9 months ago

    If you Need the Sound go for Bullet 500, if nn you want to cut all the riders while driving you can go for Dominar

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    Gpriyosharma | 9 months ago

    Dominar bro. Both are good but maintenance cost is little bit lower by Dominar.

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    Chuck | 9 months ago

    The Dominar is so much better as far as appearance performance and price

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    Binoy | 9 months ago

    Dominar if you are not an RE lover.

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    Allahabadi | 9 months ago

    Go for 2019 dominar 400 abs

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