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Rs. 87,344
Discontinued Model since 20 May 2019

About Suzuki Gixxer-SF [2016-2018]

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is the full faired version of the highly popular and acclaimed 155cc naked street Suzuki Gixxer. The Gixxer SF, SF for Sport Fairing, is not much different from the naked Gixxer, except the addition of the fairing or the aluminium exhaust end cover, and also the clear lens indicators. And all this part sharing with the Gixxer makes the price of the Suzuki Gixxer SF very very attractive – making it the most affordable full faired motorcycle in India

Suzuki Gixxer-SF [2016-2018] Overview

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is the full faired version of the highly popular and acclaimed 155cc naked street Suzuki Gixxer.

The ABS version for the Standard Suzuki Gixxer SF range is available in both the carburetted and fuel-injected versions. The Suzuki Gixxer SF ABS has been priced at Rs 96,800 for the carburettor-equipped variant, while the Fi variant carries a sticker price of Rs 1,00,630 (both prices, ex-showroom Delhi).

However, Suzuki has discontinued the non-ABS variant of the Gixxer SF SP range. It is now only be available with fuel injection and single-channel ABS as standard. Priced at Rs 1,00,630 (ex-showroom Delhi), the Gixxer SF SP now comes in black and gold colour combination and new graphics on the front cowl and fuel tank as well.

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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Gixxer SF (2015-2018)

Q. My height is 5.3 ft I want to buy Suzuki Gixxer SF. Is it suitable for me?
  • You may end up tip-toeing on the bike while standing on traffic signals, jams and when you have to reverse the bike. Practice to use just 1 foot of yours in such cases. Riding will not be an issue because of the height..
  • I suggest you to get a test ride as I won't be able to tell you even if my height would be same as yours. I am 5'10
  • Yes you can....but be aware of its weight while standing still and whenever having a pillion rider...
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Q. Is the comfortable for short riders in traffic - Gixxer SF ?
  • Pretty much in my opinion as I ride it in the city for daily commute through heavy traffic and gear shift, clutch, seating position and weight is never a problem for me.
  • If you are in running traffic it is good but if you are in bumper to bumper traffic the engine tends to heat up a bit which might not be good for shorter riders .
  • Nope. I too thought so initially when I bought SF. But, I was surprised to see how artfully my SF gets handled in traffic. It's a well built, dynamically and aerodynamically stable ride. Get a test ride and you will realize.
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Q. For daily running of 50 -80 km which bike is most comfortable.
  • Considering your daily travel of more than 100 Kms here cruiser bike would be a better pick. Talking about Suzuki Intruder it checks all boxes. The bike’s design is dominated by the front cowl housing the big headlamp unit flanked by fuel tank extensions. The rear gets a large dual-barrel exhaust and bulky rear cowl. With its comfortable perch, it works really well is in urban conditions and for short to medium distances. However, given its overall performance, dynamics and fuel efficiency, we think it makes great sense for someone looking for a small capacity cruiser. You may also consider the other options such as Royal Enfield Classic 350, Royal Enfield Thunderbird and Jawa 42.
  • There r many bike r present in mrkt which gives good mileage bike....if u ask me about particular company bike thn i will suggest u to go for gixxer /sf.....
  • If mileage and life is what your concern and you're not much into long drives weekly or monthly, then probably you can check honda bikes including the Hornet. Gixxer is also a good try. I use SF and it's very good for all categories - an all-rounder bike.
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Q. What is the diffrence in sp and sf - Gixxer (2014-2018)?
  • So stands for limited special edition and Sf stands for fully faired gixxer
  • Only of visor , fairing,and side mirrors
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Q. Is this bike is better for offroad - Gixxer SF ?
  • Yes for short distance.
  • I don't suggest you to use this off road. But can try by changing the tyres.tune engine accordingly.
  • Yes
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Q. Difference between Gixer sf and hornet. ..also what about the mileage?
  • First major difference is the the absence of fuel injection, engine k**l switch, lack of fairing, lack of gear indicator in the hornet. Mileage is more in the Gixxer due to fuel injection.
  • Gixxer sf is a sports bike with fairing from SUZUKI HORNET IS A NAKED BIKE FROM HONDA GIXXER SF MILEAGE IS 45-55KMPL HONDA IS 45KMPL
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