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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Specifications

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Engine Displ. : 648 cc
No Of Cylinders : 2
Torque : 52 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Power : 47.65 PS @ 7100 rpm
Top Speed : 146.96 kmph
ABS : Dual Channel
Head Lamp : Halogen
Tachometer : Digital
Tyre Make : NA
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Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Specifications Summary

Interceptor 650 Variants Key Specifications Key Features
Rs. 2.56 lakh
648 cc, 47.65 PS @ 7100 rpm view all 146.96 kmph Top Speed, Dual Channel ABS, Halogen Head Lamp, Digital Tachometer, Tyre Make view all

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Overview

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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Interceptor 650

Q. How is the performance - Interceptor 650?
  • A 648cc parallel-twin motor with a 270-degree crank which gave the ideal starting point for this new generation of Enfield. Output figures of 47.65PS at 7250rpm and 53Nm at 5250rpm aren’t dazzling to say the least, but it will delight those who are upgrading from Enfield’s singles, especially the 350s. A 4-valve head helps the engine burn fuel more efficiently while a counterbalance shaft is also thrown into the mix to reduce vibrations. And this has paid dividends, as there are no vibrations to speak of; not even a hint of buzziness at any rpm whatsoever. For the first time in Royal Enfield’s history, you get a six-speed transmission with a slip-and-assist clutch. Shift action is extremely smooth with one hardly requiring the clutch for quick upshifts. Needless to say, clutch action is light and there’s no strain on your left hand even in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Considering it weighs 200 plus kilos with fuel on board, the performance figures are pretty impressive. 0-60kmph takes 2.87 seconds, while the 0-100kmph dash is done in 6.54 seconds. To put that in perspective, it’s actually 0.1 second quicker to sixty and 0.4 seconds slower to hundred than the more torquey Harley-Davidson Street 750. Nearly 80 per cent of the Interceptor’s torque is available from 2500rpm and begins to taper off at around the 6000rpm mark. Therefore, it does manage impressive in-gear acceleration figures. The 30-70kmph run in third gear is completed in 3.9 seconds, while it takes 4.85 seconds for the 40-80kmph run in fourth gear. Here’s where the Street 750 has a distinct edge. However, when compared to something like the performance-oriented KTM 390 Duke, the Interceptor is just a whisker away. It shines on the highway too. Slot the bike into sixth gear and you are able to pull off from speeds as low as 50kmph, all the way up to 170kmph. Yes, it cracks the ton (British term for doing 100mph, roughly equating to 160kmph) but you will need to brave the strong windblast that you will experience due to the upright seating position and lack of aerodynamics. We found that cruising at around 120kmph, with the revs hovering around the 5k mark, the Interceptor sings a sweet tune. A fuel efficiency figure of 26kmpl in both city and highway is fairly decent for a motorcycle of its size and cubic capacity. With a range of close to 350km, thanks to the 13.7-litre fuel tank, the Interceptor will be more than happy to go cross country. : By Zigwheels | 1 year ago
  • Interceptor is very good in Performance. Good Braking. Driving position is good. Standard seat is hard for long drives.Pillion seating is not comforta ble because of elevated foot pegs. Heating is little bit in high city driving conditions. Suspension is bouncy making thud noise in little bad & Very bad roads . Suspension is Very Good in highways. Interceptor is definitely not a zero vibration bike. It is creating vibration in foot peg areas , Side of the fuel tank & Minor development started in handle bar area. Fuel gauge is improper/inaccurate it shows error reading we have to manually check by opening the tank. Engine RPM some times improper in idling glides up & Down. : By Uppiliappan | 9 months ago
  • Interceptor performance in terms of power, pickup, balance is good but some point needs to be addressed like uncomfortable seating position (riding position very aggressive) not advisable for long riding without modification.Handle bar riding posture also towards engine means complete stress you body like shoulder, back, arm.Breaking ratio with engine also having as issue while you ridding more than 120 km/hrs, engine have more power w.r.t. break.Little bit issue for short ridder also, may Royal Enfield team work on it on some cosmetic changes. : By Krishan | 4 months ago
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Q. Is the Interceptor has kick start option?
  • Dont expect kicker in 300++CC bikes. Frequent battery checks and maintains is enough...no need in kicker : By Ram | 10 months ago
  • No. : By Arun | 2 months ago
  • No : By Bronwyn | 1 month ago
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Q. Will it be comfortable to ride on off-road. - Interceptor 650?
  • Only to a certain extent..this motorcycle is not meant for dedicated off roading..but I did try some off roading here and there and it handles well. This is kind of an all rounder motorcycle and best suited on the highways : By Mriganka | 4 months ago
  • Not really. RE may introduce a Himalayan with an interceptor engine sometime in the future. You may want to wait for that. : By Manoj | 4 weeks ago
  • Not a complete off-roader but you can do pretty well in irregular tracks and roads , An all-rounder machine it is :) : By Gowri | 2 months ago
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Q. Is it comfortable for daily office commute of 60kms total distance? I know it would be great highway cruiser, but what about city drive ability in traffic - Interceptor 650?
  • I ride daily to office and back which is approximately 63kms. There were no 'heating' issues after the 1st service in bumper to bumper traffic. This is a 650cc air cooled twin engine and some heat is expected. I did change the stock seat to a customised seat which I dare say is near perfect for long rides. Absorbs the minor road bumps well and really soft on your behind. This is a fab bike and my take is go for it. You can customize it the way you please. If you buy Royal Enfield you've got to live with the minor issues that crop up. But these aren't deal breakers and there is always a work around. Compared to the Himalayan (I own a BS3 model) , the interceptor is a very well designed, tested and built new bike. There no vibrations whatsoever and the gear shifting is butter smooth. : By Shibu | 3 weeks ago
  • I guess people who ask about 650 knows the displacement size of the engine and any engine of that capacity is expected to get heated when it does not get enough cooling. Considering the RE 650 being an air-oil cooled engine, it should warm up as well! But its not a microwave that can be used to cook your thighs. Surprisingly and fortunately it does not heat up that much that you would consider as "heating issue"! I don't understand why people are talking about heating issue so much. One should always understand its a mid capacity tourer and commuter motorcycle and not a low displacement commuter motorcycle such as splendour. And this bike is anyways not meant for people who are stuck for daily 3 hrs of office traffic. People should know what this bike is going to be used for and set their expectations accordingly. : By Pranav | 10 months ago
  • I find it quite great to drive in city traffic. The bike can travel very smoothly at 20 to 30kph in traffic. She also rides well at slow speed. Be careful with the weight though. : By Harsha | 3 weeks ago
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Q. Is the Interceptor 650 supplied with tubeless tyres?
  • I am going for interceptor, but I like the fuel tank of gt 650.. especially tat black grey..CaN the interceptor tank be replaced by gt tank. : By Anjan | 1 month ago
  • Yes they are tubeless tyres, but with a Tube in it. It doesn't ride tubeless since there are no alloy wheels. The wheels are spoked. As of now, they do not have alloy wheels in line to keep the retro look. : By Ankit | 11 months ago
  • Nope. They are tubed. Technically the tyres are tubeless, but because of the spoke wheels, they have to use a tube. : By Manoj | 4 weeks ago
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Q. Is the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 reliable?
  • Yes, it is. Highly reliable! Just keep it well serviced.Don't compare it with the other RE models. You can feel the Quality difference between those and the 650 twins. This bike comes with a bare minimum tech and reduces the complications associated with it making your life lot easier than running around the service centers for tech related issues as that can't be fixed in your parking. Also please avoid achieving top speed targets on this bike, this bike is not meant for top speeding like the Kawasaki or the KTMs. Its a practical bike and its range would be till 140 kmph, ofcourse it goes beyond that easily, but it's not it's comfort area and you would lose the torquey nature of the engine there. Also that will affect your mileage! And in the long run as well!It is as easy as to say you take care of your 650 and the bike would take care of you as well!And this bike won't age early and will continue to last for years unlike the sports competitors that age in 3-4 years and make you urge for a new motorcycle.Technology would always get old and would need an update every now and then. But a classic would always remain a classic and would indulge you to feel the ride. Now you decide for yourself. : By Pranav | 10 months ago
  • Reliability with interceptor 650 . Most advanced bike ever made by RE . Intensively Tested & Designed . Sturdy power packed engine at your disposal. Good refined engine , Very good Dual ABS brake , Riding position is good, Their are some convenience issue , Foot peg position , Fuel tank lid is not fixed to tank , LED lights , these minor issues will addressed by RE in upcoming days. The most unreliable in interceptor 650 is mileage 18 km - 22 km / liter (But for a 650 CC this is fine) : By Uppiliappan | 10 months ago
  • The price range suggests it to be a hit in the market.There is no competetor in this segment. : By Arun | 10 months ago
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