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Q. When will all-black interceptor 650 be launched in India?
  • Currently, Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is available in 7 different colors - Downtown Drag, Orange Crush, Canyon Red, Baker Express, Sunset Strip, Ventura Blue, Mark Two. Moreover, there is no official information available regarding the launch of proper black color so we would suggest you to stay tuned for the updates.
Q. Getting back to riding after a decade. Torn between Int650 n a bonnie. Heart says bonnie but mind is with RE despite it flaws like no tubeless etc. thinking to settle for RE and see if riding keeda continues before I upgrade to T100/1200. Street twin isn’t very retro classic for my taste I prefer two odometers. Thoughts please!?
  • The Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 comes across as the most affordable multi-cylinder bike in India with linear and friendly power delivery. Surprisingly, the Interceptor 650 feels less like a Royal Enfield and more like a 90’s Honda -- such is the refinement level and performance on offer. The motor is a gem with loads of torque from the get-go and a nice soundtrack accompanying it. However, Royal Enfield could have offered alloy wheels as that will help owners in upgrading to tubeless tyres and speaking about tyres, the Interceptor could do with a better pair of shoes as the Pirelli Phantom SportComp aren’t up to the mark. While it isn’t a perfect motorcycle, the Interceptor will charm you with its easy-going nature, a wave of torque and refinement. In an increasingly digital world, it warms you with its analogue nature and rekindles the joy of motorcycling. As per your requirements, we'd suggest you to spend some time with the Interceptor and then move on to the bigger ones. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of performance and comfort. Click on the link and select your desired city for dealership details.Read More: - [Royal Enfield Interceptor 650: Top 5 Mods And Accessories@https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/royal-enfield-interceptor-650-top-5-mods-and-accessories/41873/
  • I am owner of RE 650 n have recently booked Bonnie street twin gold line Biking is a gradual process , cant directly buy a big bike your heart says Bonnie ( your heart is correct ) but start with interceptor as it will introduce you to the world of touring after a decade ( same was case with me ) Now after using interceptor for over 2 years upgrading myself to Bonnie !
Q. When will Royal Enfield launch factory tubeless wheels for continental GT?
  • Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 already comes equipped with tubeless tyres of Front:-100/90-18, Rear:-130/70-18. Follow the link to know more about Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.
  • Not any time soon
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Q. Is the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 reliable?
  • Yes, it is. Highly reliable! Just keep it well serviced.Don't compare it with the other RE models. You can feel the Quality difference between those and the 650 twins. This bike comes with a bare minimum tech and reduces the complications associated with it making your life lot easier than running around the service centers for tech related issues as that can't be fixed in your parking. Also please avoid achieving top speed targets on this bike, this bike is not meant for top speeding like the Kawasaki or the KTMs. Its a practical bike and its range would be till 140 kmph, ofcourse it goes beyond that easily, but it's not it's comfort area and you would lose the torquey nature of the engine there. Also that will affect your mileage! And in the long run as well!It is as easy as to say you take care of your 650 and the bike would take care of you as well!And this bike won't age early and will continue to last for years unlike the sports competitors that age in 3-4 years and make you urge for a new motorcycle.Technology would always get old and would need an update every now and then. But a classic would always remain a classic and would indulge you to feel the ride. Now you decide for yourself.
  • I bought this bike 2 months back. Since then I am fixing one thing or the other. It has stayed dead or in service center for half of the time. I should have bought a Honda. If you want a reliable bike Royal Enfield is the last brand you should look at. Battery Issue (charged it twice then bought a new Exide battery from company then that also died), twichy throttle response, clicking noise from rear shocker, problem with instrument cluster, turning off on high rpm. But I am happy to say this bike is the only problem in my life.
  • Reliability with interceptor 650 . Most advanced bike ever made by RE . Intensively Tested & Designed . Sturdy power packed engine at your disposal. Good refined engine , Very good Dual ABS brake , Riding position is good, Their are some convenience issue , Foot peg position , Fuel tank lid is not fixed to tank , LED lights , these minor issues will addressed by RE in upcoming days. The most unreliable in interceptor 650 is mileage 18 km - 22 km / liter (But for a 650 CC this is fine)
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Q. Does this bike have slipper clutch and what is it's benefits - Interceptor 650?
  • Yes it does. It prevents the rear wheel from locking up during aggressive downshifts.
  • Yes , it does have slipper clutch. More easy to down shift gears while riding.
  • Is there any automatic clutch for intwrseptar?
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Q. We want to choose between Interceptor and Himalayan, which is better. Have issue of back pain.
  • I own both the Himalayan and the Interceptor and I can definitely say with authority that with the himalayan you wont have a back pain. Ride is more comfortable due to the seating posture and the seat itself. Same goes for the pillion rider as well. What you will get is a solid freaking headache considering the Himalayan has so many other issues that you get fed up spending most of your time in RE service centers. I own a BS3 model. So I hope the later models have these issues sorted. Interceptor on the hand was built for a different purpose and tall riders (5 foot 9 and above) will have problems with their back. This is because of the seating posture. But there are work arounds to this. its a great bike and is open to customization unlike the Himalayan.
  • I have slipped disc and tail bone/sciatic pains .. you know how bad it can get. But I can tell you, on a normal day the Interceptor has never caused any issues or never till date have I had any issues because of the seating position on the Interceptor. I can't speak for Himalayan, I am sure it's meant for touring and expect that to be equally comfortable or more. With Interceptor, you cant go wrong that much I could tell trust me.
  • The Interceptor 650 will marginally have a better seating posture than the Himalayan and hence should give less back pain.But eventually it depends on whether you will utilise the motorcycle for city rides for which Interceptor is best or for off roading for which Himalayan is best.Hope this helps! Happy riding!
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