Royal Enfield Classic 350 On Road Price in Madhubani

Royal Enfield Classic 350 price in Madhubani starts from Rs. 1.72 Lakh. Royal Enfield Classic 350 Pure Black is priced at Rs. 1.80 Lakh and the top-end variant Royal Enfield Classic 350 Chrome Black is priced at Rs. 1.98 Lakh. The EMI of Classic 350 is available at Rs. 4,969 per month @ 9.45%. Among competitors, Royal Enfield Meteor 350 price in Madhubani starts at Rs. 1.84 Lakh and Honda Hness CB350 Price in Madhubani starts Rs. 1.86 Lakh.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Price in Madhubani

Variants On Road Price
Classic 350 STD Rs. 2.02 Lakh
Classic 350 Pure Black Rs. 2.12 Lakh
Classic 350 Metallo Silver Rs. 2.12 Lakh
Classic 350 Classic Black Rs. 2.12 Lakh
Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey Spoke Rs. 2.14 Lakh
Classic 350 Signals Edition Rs. 2.24 Lakh
Classic 350 Orange Ember Rs. 2.28 Lakh
Classic 350 Gunmetal Grey Rs. 2.28 Lakh
Classic 350 Mercury Silver Rs. 2.28 Lakh
Classic 350 Stealth Black Rs. 2.31 Lakh
Classic 350 Chrome Black Rs. 2.31 Lakh
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Rs. 1.72 - 1.98 Lakh Madhubani Change

On Road Price of Royal Enfield Classic 350 in Madhubani

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Rs. 2,02,765 On-Road Price Madhubani
Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 1,72,466
RTO + Others Rs. 20,361
Insurance Rs. 9,938
On-Road Price Rs. 2,02,765
Rs. 2,12,159 On-Road Price Madhubani
Ex-Showroom Price Rs. 1,80,877
RTO + Others Rs. 21,202
Insurance Rs. 10,080
On-Road Price Rs. 2,12,159
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Royal Enfield Classic 350 Overview

Royal Enfield Classic 350
Royal Enfield Classic 350
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Rs. 1.72 Lakh
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Classic 350 Ownership Cost

  • Spare Parts Price
  • Side Stand
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 557
    GST Price :- 155
    Total Price :- 712
  • Leg Guard
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 1354
    GST Price :- 379
    Total Price :- 1733
  • Rear Brake Pads
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 350
    GST Price :- 98
    Total Price :- 448
  • Front Brake Pads
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 350
    GST Price :- 98
    Total Price :- 448
  • Speedometer
    Authorised Dealer Price :- 599
    GST Price :- 167
    Total Price :- 766
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Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying Classic 350

Q. What is battery price of royal enfield classic 350
  • For the availability and prices of the spare parts, we'd suggest you to connect with the nearest authorized service center. Click on the link and select your desired city for service centers,
Q. Can you please walk me through the finance process?
  • If you are planning to buy a new bike on finance, then generally, 10 to 30 percent down payment is required on the on-road price of a bike. However, exact confirmation regarding EMI, down payment, interest, loan period, and its procedure will be discussed by the bank only, as it depends upon individual eligibility. We would suggest you get in touch with the nearest dealership to get exact information. Click on the below-given link and select your desired city to get your nearest dealership details.
Q. Can I have the same price at the Kadapa showroom?
  • The price which is shown on the website from different cities gives an approximate idea but they do not include dealer handling charges, logistic charges, accessories charges, or third-party insurance. So, the final quote will be shared by the authorized dealership. We here at ZigWheels, try to get close to the on-road price by including all the basic charges like RTO, standard insurance, etc so that one can make a road map before buying a vehicle.
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Classic 350 User Reviews

4.0 /5
18684 reviews
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  • 4.6

    It's just awesome.Overall experience is fantastic.Been riding this bike for more than 3 years but i never felt like riding any other bike.

  • 4.6

    Royal enfield 350 cc dual abs bike is very good bike.I drived daily 150km.Very comerft and verg good i very liked own bike.

  • 3.8

    Royal enfield is good for long distance drive and comfortable to drive and classic 350 give good average

  • 5.0

    The best two wheeler I ever encountered

  • 5.0

    This bike is my life and i love this one.All things about this bike is absolutely awesome and i love that.

All Classic 350 User Reviews
  • 3.0

    I'm 6ft1in tall. I previously own a Royal Enfield Classic 350. And let me share my experience.I'm one of the several people who fell for the looks of the motorcycle, who fell for its connect with the person who rides (possibly due to the vibrations), who fell for its low end torque, who fell for its sound.Initially it will attract you a lot and it will make you feel like a King of the Road. As you are on love with the bike, you will love its pros and love even more for its cons!Now coming to the performance it is a lazy elephant which took almost 16seconds to reach 100Kph, with a ton of vibrations. But you will love it during short rides and can't cope with after 30minutes. Because after riding over 100Kph over 30minutes, your hands will be numb and your whole body vibrates. And to come over this feeling, you need a healthy 30minutes of break. So riding under 80Kph helps but not much by a significant margin.So, let's talk about the comfort, with the stock handlebar, I've had a lot of lower back pain. With RD350 handlebar, Classic's perch is better for atleast 30 minutes if ridden sanely under 80KPH. After that, I've sharp pain in my knees due to constant vibrations from footpegs no matter the RPM you choose to ride. If ridden above 80Kph, two more pains will shoot: one from my shoulders and other from my b**t due to the vibrations it has on offer.Talking about mileage, it will provide me 33Kpl if ridden over 100Kph, 38Kpl if ridden at 80Kph, 44Kpl if ridden under 60Kph.Throttle response is lazier due to carburettor, now it is much better due to the addition of FI. Brakes are poor, front disc is less bitey and rear drun brakes are wooden (now even comes with rear disc, but still feels wooden). Ride quality is good. Tube tyres are a problem. (Tubeless is on offer today)And coming to the maintenance part, it digs a hole in your pocket during paid service. Free service costs a maximum of INR.1500. But paid service cost minimum is INR.2500. And at 24000kms, a paid service costed me around INR.10,000. People at Royal Enfield Service Centre never repairs but just replaces. It may be due to the Sub-par quality of the spare parts. So, on even years (after first year with free services) you need to allocate around INR.6000 for servicing it. And on odd years, you must pay INR.8000-10,000 for servicing. In 3years of ownership, I've spent around INR.25,000 for services alone.I've used it for 3years and ridden it for 30thousand Kilometers and finally have sold it due to heavy vibrations which causes me consistent right shoulder pain and also high maintenance it demands over years.Finally the resale value is good.Conclusion: It is pointless to buy 350cc machines from Royal Enfield today. Better opt for their 411cc or 650cc machines. If you want to buy a 350 from Enfield, wait for their J platform launch. Thank god, they bid adeu for their 500cc UCE engines. Don't commit the mistake I've once committed.Still in August 2020, this Classic 350 is their best seller. Royal Enfield doesn't want to let their milching cow, that's why they are gonna introduce the new J platform engines in their lower selling model, Thunderbird. People must change!!! For those who are in a hurry to buy a Classic or Bullet 350, Wait till J platform's lauch.

  • 3.8

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  • 5.0

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  • 1.0

    I Took my Royal Enfield classic 350 BS6 in Erode Senthil Murugan Auto agencies Dealership Tamilnadu as their service is decent but sales department is worst specifically a person called as Madan idiotic guy who delivered my bike with a Right side footrest with a bend but they havent fixed the issue i went to a local mechanic and fixed the issue then for what exhausted A*S they are dealers once they get yours money then no respect for you in my first service instead of my name in the bill that morons mentiones someones name but my bikes details were correct but my name is not correct that is the only issue they fixed after few months malfunction indicator started to glow even after starting the Bike i went to the service center they were checking then bike in the testing kit it was showing as CRANK SENSOR ERROR but that illiterate idiots have resetted the ECU and they said it is sensor disturbed and THE ISSUE was not happening for few days again today 12/10/2020 my bike after starting the MIL started to glow continuosly what to do with this poor company tell me people Royal enfield must take civiere actions against them and the bikes quality to be improved too for cash which is got from us and finally they have competitors now surely Royal Enfield must windup in the hands of useless company Eicher and Royal Enfield must be handed over to a good companies for fans like us

  • 4.6

    The best thing about the motorcycle is that it is not perfect and never claims to be.It is not the fastest, Nor the most powerful, Nor the cheapest and neither is it the most luxurious.It most certainly is not fuel efficient and neither is it maintenance-free.When you ride it, You are the king of the road, But when it stops, It strips you down to a donkey pulling a load thrice its own weight.It is moody.It might start within seconds despite having lain idle for the better part of a month and sometimes doesn't start even when the engine is still warm.You can't explain why it does what it does.You can't even begin to understand it.People who feel that these qualities are more endearing than irritating never move to another bike.Fact is, Its just like my brother or sister or a girlfriend(most probable option).These qualities make it more alive and more human than any other bike.This is what makes it all the more lovable.Only a person who rides a bullet understands what it really is.It teaches you life like no other bike does.I could just go on and on and on, But i guess you get the flow.❤ ❤ ❤️.

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Royal Enfield Classic 350 Price FAQs

What is the insurance cost of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 in Madhubani?

The insurance cost of the base variant of Royal Enfield Classic 350 in Madhubani is Rs. 9,938.


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