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  • 1.8

    i purchased the okinava praise the moment it was launched only because i like to help in whatever little way to save the environment.I own electric car revai, i use solar lighting and also solar water heating.Anyway i paid through my nose for the praise 86500 and in just two months the controller failed.Then a month later the mcb failed and they have replaced the mcb twice.The servicing of the scooter takes a minimum 5 to 6 days.The hooter alarm has failed and they have permanently disconnected it as they are fed up of listening to complaints and that too within a year.Now the scooter is one point five years and the front shock absorbers have failed in fact they had failed within one year but they could not get spare parts from the company and i had to wait till now and now i have to pay .The rear brakes have failed they say and have gone rusty and they have to replace the entire assembly.They have raised a bill of 5600 rupees and can you imagine this amount for a one point five year old scooter repairs/servicing.

  • 4.6

    I am from Sri Lanka.I purchased okinawa praise scooter before one month.After 500km,unusual sound came from the motor.It was replaced by the dealer.One day when I was driving about 50Kmph,a dog came infront of my bike.I applied the front brake as soon as possible.But the dog didn"t hit.And when I was driving again bike was going aside.Then I went to meet service dealer.They said that the fork has been bent.They said that the front fork quality is poor.I am not satisfied with the bike quality.Other thing is 6 batteries are bent.If you can plz give a solution for these problems.

  • 2.6

    My advice is do not buy until we have an effective judicial accountability system in place so as to protect consumers from this turncoat manufacturers as they bribe the politicians and the media and hype the product and entice the gullible indian customer to buy and then when the product fails there is nowhere to go for the consumer and these consumer courts are in effective as the lawyers fix matters and you are left in the lurch

  • 1.0

    I purchased this product thinking about the rising petrol costs. Also they claimed no maintenance cost. But within a month I started facing issues. It is an electric bike and almost all of the electric items are faulty and has been replaced more than once. My bike spends most of the time in garage than on road. I am very scared of driving it on road as it may stop at any point.

  • 2.2

    It will get to much time to charge .Battery indicator not indicate about reserve battery storage ,just like reserve petrol tank.At the last bar indicator of battery the speed is 15 to 20.The speed indicate in display and the actual speed is differ,when at 40 speed it"s actually running at 30 to 33

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