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VIJAYKUMAR_DADDIKOP asked a question on 5 June 2018
Q. Hi, How is the servicing and maintenance cost? Also, is spare part costly?

the free servicing costs about 1500/.,the spare parts are not very expensive but neither they are cheap. although the quality is worth appreciation.

  • answered by Samridh_Sham_Kamboj on 10 June 2018
viji_vijeth asked a question on 18 April 2018
Q. Is it worth 2.3 lakh?

The braking is seriously a concern for this price and you do have to spend for good break pads and master cylinder but it does has its pluses like refinement and heat management ,according to me a le ...Read More

  • answered by Samridh_Sham_Kamboj on 25 May 2018
Lalkrishnan_sb asked a question on 1 January 2018
Q. Will mojo spare parts available in coming years , Coz many of its parts are outsourced and what will be its price

Sir, as if now I had no issues regarding the availability of spares , as I recently met with accident but all parts that needed to be replaced were there at the service centre, and I got the bike next ...Read More

  • answered by Samridh_Sham_Kamboj on 3 January 2018
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hari_krishna_4 asked a question on 16 November 2017
Q. Does ABS model may come? Is Mahindra planning for mojo above 300cc? By the way, today's market are going forward with more than 300cc, while you guys are more concentrated with only 300, why can't go with more than it and improve it ? The standard mojo now is better why make ch ...Read More

I never got a satisfactory reply whenever I asked about the abs model be assured that it will only come when government makes it compulsory and mahindra is working on jawa from what I have interacted ...Read More

  • answered by Samridh_Sham_Kamboj on 29 March 2018
Niranjan_B_R asked a question on 13 October 2017
Q. DO you think its worth buy mojo than himalayan

If touring is your concern definitely yes, I have done slight modifications in handling ( products from lluvia industries,) and it helps.

  • answered by Samridh_Sham_Kamboj on 7 December 2017
thesmruti asked a question on 9 October 2017
Q. What is the mileage of ur MOJO?

20-25. have not really given due importance to it as it's too heavy to be taken by walk.

  • answered by Samridh_Sham_Kamboj on 17 December 2017
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