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CB Unicorn 160 User Reviews

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  • 2.6

    The bike is comfortable enough for City rides & Daily Commutes. I have also gone to the long rides up to 450 KM in a day. But still, this is one of the most pathetic bikes that I have ever driven. I am not really satisfied with this model of Honda Unicorn, cause other than the seating comfort this bike has no other positive attributes. It only has a bunch of drawbacks. If I make a list of drawbacks that I have experienced, it will literally never end. Just trying to shortlist a few of them which will give you a clear idea about the negative points of this bike.1. The headlamp of the vehicle is not powerful enough for night driving on highways.2. The default battery is not capable to handle the additional lights.3. The bike is not sturdy and it has a body vibration when you ride it above 70-80 KMPH speed on highways.4. Disc brake's life is as short as just 12-13 K Kilometers. Had to change it at 12,500 KMs and again at 25,000 KMs.5. Spare parts are very costly.6. In less than 2 years (19,000 Kilometers) the engine has started making horrible Tappet Noice which is not being resolved.7. In recent days I have taken the mileage worth 45 but soon after 20,000 Kilometers the bike's average has fallen below 35 and it's not even generating enough power in stiff roads like ghat sections.Note:I have always made the bike service at the Authorised Dealers.I don't recommend this bike if you love to go on long rides.

  • 1.0

    Apr 3, 2021 unicron bs6 160 2021 model jerking misfiring sir i has taken honda unicorn on 15/02/2021in tirumala honda, Raichur.I had problem the next minute since the delivery was given.I came back after next day of my delivery.I used all the first free service.In first service the issue was same.The jerking misfiring issue problem.I am having problem since the delivery of my bike till now.I had previously mentioned the same complaint to honda company.But no use the for this issue.He checked it.I had left the bike for 2days.They done what they know.And again next day the problem started again.I am fed up of saying to the showroom people.Problem is not yet solving.Service is not good yet all.Please take my bike in your company for and solve the issues as much time it can so that i should never have the same issue again.Ask the service guys how many times i have come for the same problems.I am requesting you all please don’t buy unicron bs6 160 model having lot of issues with the bike.I paid 130000/- for my bike i kept one year savings in it.Total loss to whom i have to contact.No value of money in honda two wheeler they are billionaires they didn't come to know also.Really very bad experience with honda.

  • 4.2

    Pros: the bike is good for long rides.You wont get any lower back pain.Engine can withstand long rides comfortably.I am owning unicorn 160 cbs for 4 years.The braking is excellent as it is combi brake.We can easily filter in traffic.Engine is amazing, It is eager to rev.Honda 's reliability is great.In highway i get 46kmpl and in city i get 44kmpl.My average riding speed is 80kmph - 100kmph in highways cons: headlight and horn are pathetic.Definitely need an after market modification.Engine k**l switch not present is a big con.One major disadvantage of this bike is the stability is zero if the road is windy.Even if a truck cross over you the bike will wobble.Sometimes while moving in 70 - 90 kmph in highways due to wind my bike moves from first lane to third lane.

  • 3.8

    या गाडी मघ्ये मायलेज खुप छान आहे. सिटिंग कंर्फट छान आहे. इंजिन मघ्ये थोडा प्राॅबलेम आहे अधून मधून इंजिनमध्ये काही तरी आवाज येतो..गाडीचे ब्रेकिंग सुद्धा ठिक आहे. जेवढ्या लवकरात लवकर ब्रेकिंग व्हायला हवं तेवढं लवकर ब्रेक लागत नाही.

  • 2.6

    I have old unicorn dazzler 150 cc bike for 4 years almost driven about a lakh KM then am looking to buy new vehicle in Honda is my only choice because of it's quite engine performance but Honda give this unicorn 160 cc as a faulty Engine or else very noisy engine on my view . even they have service the engine but the is not satisfied for me .if I go about 80kmpl it's ok if I cross above 80 km speed the engine get noisy . even my old Dazzler still remain soft while I go above 80. so I don't trust the 160 cc bike in Honda .now I buy again 150 cc unicorn after 2 years .

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