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  • 3.0

    its domestic use fine, mileage is not happy, maintenance normal

  • 3.8

    A good commuting vehicle for all time.Most preferable vehicle in indian market.Has equal pros and cons, So need to check all before buying.

  • 5.0

    Good enough and tyres and body is installed recently 1 month engine is working properly.Overall it is good.

  • 5.0

    new brand scooters urgent sale my phone number 972****958 price 25000

  • 2.6

    Mileage 35kmpl 60kmph after on handle side vibration concern and his low side handle bubbling starting concern and very big problems create.

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  • 1.8

    My present vehicle is giving normal mileage, maintenance cost is too much, today 2nd time my engine has repaired, i have to spend 10k in my present situation, I can't go for again Honda Activa. My doubt is electric scooter doesn't support more mileage and service centeres.

  • 5.0

    The mileage is excellent and gives me anywhere from 45-55 per liter. I change the engine oil after every 1200-1500 kms and service it once in 5-6 months. No major complaints even though it is a 9 year old bike.

  • 5.0

    pleasurable, dependable which considered most important, and used for long distance too. Cannot think of a better machine.I vote Activa Honda the ubiquitous two wheeler a winner all the way

  • 3.0

    Its shock absorbing system is very poor. When on outside city roads, it is a painful experience to drive. Otherwise unbeatable on city roads, even bikes cant compete with it.

  • 4.2

    Activa is a good scooter and I am having it for my daily use. Being an advocate I am going to courts at Erode even in small lanes in which a car cannot enter. very low maintenance.But my scooter is 17 years old and often having repairs. So I want to buy a new Honda 6G.

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