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Rs. 38,900
Discontinued Model since 3 Mar 2020

About Hero HF Deluxe BS4

The extremely bare-basic 100cc commuter that has been serving the country for almost three decades, Hero MotoCorp's CD-series has been the choice of the masses for its economic sense and practicality along with trademark Honda reliability.

Hero HF Deluxe BS4 Overview


Hero has launched a BS6-compliant version of the HF Deluxe. The motor continues to be the same 97.2cc unit but it is now fuel injected. Power has gone down slightly to 8.94PS, but torque has remained the same and Hero also claims 6% quicker acceleration as well as 9% higher fuel efficiency.

The BS6 version is around Rs 8,500 more expensive than its BS4 counterpart, variant-for-variant. Prices start at Rs 55,925 and go up to Rs 57,250 for the top-end Self Start, Alloy Wheel i3S variant.


The Hero HF Deluxe has been in India for the better part of three decades now. It has been one of the best selling motorcycles in India due to its robust nature and reliability. The HF Deluxe was last updated with IBS (Integrated Braking System) which is now available both in the standard and i3S variant. In its current avatar, the motorcycle gets a more upmarket bodywork and alloy wheels. It continues to be powered by the reliable 97.2cc motor that also does duty in the Splendor. It also comes in the i3S variant which claims to improve performance by switching off the motor if it is idling for too long.
The HF Deluxe gets drum brakes on both wheels with no disc brake option.
The HF Deluxe faces competition from the TVS Star Sport and Bajaj Platina 100.

Must Read Questions & Answers Before Buying HF Deluxe BS4

Q. Can I drive an all India trip with my HF Deluxe 2019 model bike?
  • The Hero HF Deluxe has been one of the most popular choices for those who want an affordable, hasslefree means of two-wheeled transportation. The bike is designed for your daily city roundabouts and not for touring. It would not be a feasible idea to go on a long distance journey with one. Moreover, if you are planning to go on a long distance journey, we'd suggest you to ride at nominal speeds, take regular intervals and keep your and bike's health in check. Check out the following article for more: Tips to prepare for Road Trips.
Q. How to avail engine warranty and what are the conditions - HF Deluxe?
  • 5 साल के अंदर इंजन में कुछ होता है तो वारन्टी में इंजन का काम किया जाता है लेकिन पार्ट्स को छोड़कर सभी खर्चे गाड़ी मालिक से लिये जाते है जैसे सील,पेकिंग,इंजन लेबर,सर्विस लेबर आदि। इन सब मे लगभग 3000 से 3500 का बिल बना देते है तो फिर वारन्टी में कहाँ हुआ कृपया जवाब दे । यह मध्यप्रदेश के श्योपुर जिले की आशीष मोटर्स का मामला है। साथ ही नई गाड़ी लेने पर वारन्टी के नियम व शर्ते बताई नही जाती।
  • 5 year compny deti h but injan me kuch nhi hota h itne time tak
  • Just go through the Manual give along with bike
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Q. Hamare bike ki average35km/l de rahi hai HF Deluxe Hai Kya Karen?
  • गाडी को हमेशा 30-50 कि.मी.प्रति घंटा की रफतार से चलायें और गाडी की समय समय पर सर्विसिंग कराये। लेकिन अभी आप सबसे पहले कार्बोरेटर और क्‍लच प्‍लेट चेक करवा ले मायलेज मे गाडी की स्‍पीड, चलाने का तरीका, गाडी की सर्विसिंग, टायरप्रेशर, इंजन आॅयल हर एक बात महत्‍वपूर्ण है। इन सभी बातो का ध्‍यान अवश्‍य रखें/
  • Carburettor clean karwao aur engine ka head A.K.A combustion chamber ko bhi check karwao..agar black smoke aa rha hy toh samjo Valves and valve seals change karna padega..then original mileage degi
  • Carboretor tunning karao agar nahi hota thik carboretor clean karalo agar isse bhi thik nahi hota carboretor change kar sakte ho
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Q. Is HF Deluxe or Splendor Plus better in mileage, price and performance?
  • Hf deluxe had all splendor has except 5 way manually adjustable shock.Both are great commuters...price less on s hf deluxe ..performance splendor plus is like a test batsman...hf deluxe plays 20:20 well.pillion comfort more on splendor plus
  • Yes, HF deluxe gives more mileage than splender plus, And the HF Deluxe is more cheaper than splendor plus. In performance both bikes are equal
  • Yes If you ride single or double regular running then take deluxeOr You rides triple ,carry heavy weight , want to do modification then splendor
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Q. I supposed to get Splendor Plus but I totally confused why the HF Deluxe price is lower than Splendor Plus.
  • Deluxe, Splendor and passion all are carrying same engine except the cosmetics
  • Because sale rate of splendor plus is greater than the HF Dulex
  • According to the demand all 100 cc bikes are excellent in hero
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Q. Hero Moto Corp HF Deluxe mein kitne km ke bad oil change hota hai?
  • लगभग 2500किलोमीटर पर आप बाईक का इंजन ऑयल चेन्‍ज्‍ा कर दें।
  • I purchased HF Deluxe in in November 2019.in the manual it is written every 3000 kilometres we have to change the engine oil
  • My new bike hero hf delux 2018 3782 km oil dala tha ab 5776 km chala hai to ab kab change oil kana hai
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  • 3.0

    My scooty ia comfortable but mileage is not good i'm upset for soo little mileage.Look is good, Maintenance costs is affordable.

  • 1.0

    Ka par hai baik muj ka Honda gggg

  • 3.0

    Price hf deluxe bs4 2021..

  • 4.6

    Good ufudkfkfd ucdudud ucudueu vufjsk.Ufuci ufufifidh blbgifih bifdk viffofof fiifdi fuddi ifdi giif bi.

  • 4.2

    I want good performance compared to other bikes in my locality I want good quality and mileage but also the quality parts

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  • 3.4

    It is a good bike to daily commute for short distances..It is not much practical as in bad roads and for long distances well your bum will say stop please...Good Mileage and having the typical Hero's designer designs which basically I don't like....if you have 60-80 thousands of Budget I will say that it is good for mileage and daily commuting and It's better than a Platina which will do wheelies after 80 kmph of speed..

  • 4.2

    -It really gives me a wonderful mileage i ride around 15 km everyday ( Expect weekends ) still I need to fill full tank only once in a month. - I always did time to time service which makes engine so well being a 100 CC bike its really gives a awesome performance in it's class.- All the parts are original as well.

  • 4.2

    Good one for long duration usage, regular servicing can keep the vehicle ready for each ride, Issues- speedometer cable gets usually down on rough And bumpy road and spark plug gets short in rainy seasonLittle bit increase in cc upto 110 to 125 can make out even best performance out from this bike

  • 4.6

    Overall performance is good enough for a bike that has done 100k kms. Engine still packs punch. Only issue currently is that Cam chain needs to be replaced every 8-10k kms. I am unable to get to the root cause of this issue. Thats the only issue i am currently facing.

  • 4.2

    ऑफिस में काम करने वालों कर लिए सबसे बेस्ट माइलेज वाला बाइक हैं।बस थोड़ा सा कंफर्टेबल की कमी हैं।

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