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Q. What is the tyre size and can we install wider tyre?
  • Bajaj Platina 100 has a tyre size of Front:-2.75-17and Rear:-3.00-17. Moreover, you may go for a wider tyre but upsizing the size of a tyre is increasingly becoming an obsession with people to create an added visual appeal to their bike. Moreover, It is advisable to go for an upgrade anywhere between the 3% margin for better performance and handling, increased grip and creating a visual appeal. Do take note that upsizing the wheels and tyres may decrease the fuel efficiency of the bike and may result in a speedometer error on the bike if upsizing is not correct.
Q. What will be included in first service of Bajaj Platina?
  • The first service of Bajaj Platina 100 is scheduled at 30-45 days or 500-750kms (whichever is completed earliest). In the first service of Platina, the bike would be serviced with water wash, engine oil, and filter is replaced. Air cleaner element, air filter cover ring, oil strainer, and drain tube are cleaned. Fuel pipes for cracks are checked. Valve tappet clearance is checked and adjusted. EVAP system hoses are checked and replaced, etc. For more details, we would suggest you refer to the user manual of Bajaj Platina 100.
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Q. Which is the best Platina or CT 100?
  • For family use Platina because of soft suspension . For rough use CT 100.CT 100 would be perfect for perfectly laid roads without pothole and riding within 55 km, Above this the vibrations start to kickin. I would suggest if you have the budget opt for platina.
  • If you are doing a job Then ct 100 is best because its average is more than platina.If you are a traveller then you can choose platina . As i said ct 100 has more average so you can choose ct 100.
  • Platina is best in all aspects
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Q. Platina or Splendor, which is better?
  • Platina has a high maintenance cost while the Splendor doesn't want any maintenance.They too have super mileage.I think the Splendor has a good comfort ride also.So go for the Splendor.
  • I use Platina 3 years & Currently Splendor Plus Last 18 month Platina is better because Splendor mileage Poor ,Cost High,maintenance High, Life Low compare to Platina
  • Its splendor for heros reliability ,mileage,smooth ride,pillion comfort,good engine..Platini is also good but splendor us the best.
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Q. What is the price of Platina 100 rear shocker?
  • For the availability and prices of the spare parts, we'd suggest you to connect with the nearest authorized service center. Click on the link and select your desired city for service centers.
  • Contact Your Nearest Service Center. It is different according to their cities.
  • Sir ji aaj tak. Mere ko mileage ka. Pta nhi chala. H
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