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Q. Which is the best between YZF R15 V3 and Pulsar 220F?
  • Both bikes are good enough. The Bajaj Pulsar 220F, despite its age, still remains an aspirational motorcycle for Indian buyers given its performance and features. Though the motor isn’t the most refined one out there, it is comfortable for city commutes as well as capable enough for highway touring. On the other hand, the R15 V3 remains one potent small-capacity supersport for beginners. In its version 3.0 guise, it has become sharper and more focused, making it great for sport riding or track enthusiasts. However, the aggressive riding stance could cause discomfort if you intend to use the bike for daily commuting and the quality of components have also gone down. You may compare both bikes accordingly. Do take a test ride for better clarity. Check out authorised dealership details.
Q. Is 220 f has suitability in cornering?
  • Bajaj Pulsar 220F, despite its age, still remains an aspirational motorcycle for Indian buyers given its performance and features. Also, the handling dynamics of the motorcycle are likeable enough. It is partly faired, has impressive performance, a great list of features, and engaging handling making it ideal for riders looking for an exciting all-rounder to start off with. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of performance and comfort. Click on the link and select your desired city for dealership details.
  • Yes
Q. I heard that in Bajaj 220f BS6 bike should use only BS6 petrol is it right? If it is right then from where should we import the BS6 petrol is it available in all the petrol bunks - Pulsar 220 F?
  • It has not mentioned anywhere in manual book that bs6 complying petrol to be used. However, bajaj service advised me to use bs6 petrol in pulsar 220f bs6 or any other bs6 model otherwise issues may encounter on throttle body as I'm facing problem on stability of rpm level while starting of my bike and engine got turnoff for that issues. Carbon is being deposited on throttle body for using non bs6 petrol. I don't know how much true is this and how shall I get bs6 complying petrol pump. Pls let me know if anybody know about this matter.
  • If BS6 is introduced, then it is obvious that we all will get more refined fuel for our bikes. No need to take tension of fuel.You could add booster in your petrol instead. All petrol pumps always keeps a more refined petrol with a little more price, you can ask them at the time of refuelling.
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Q. Pulsar 200ns or pulsar 220f, which one is best?
  • Both machines are absolutely perfect for indian market. I personally like 200 Ns better than 220F but that's my preference of naked sports over fender bikes. But keep in mind pulsar 220 was fastest indian bike for straight few years and that is for a reason.
  • What are your needs.. Depends on that. Every vehicle is different and serves a purpose. Need a semi fared with good absorb on bumpy roads 220Need a Naked for streat fighter look. And more focus to engine then ns200
  • Both bikes have there good quality. What is u r need and what is u r requirements. It's depends upon it. NS 200 has a ABS but it's a single channel. It has clock seating posture is good. Looking slightly hard seat. But 220 has no ABS no clock. Not so informative display. But it's looking really nice.. I think u should go with NS 200. It has high BHP than 220. Means high pick up. So go for it
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Q. Which bike is better for long ride between NS200 and 220 F?
  • Ns200for high speed long distance riding it's perimeter frame provides extremely smooth feel
  • I think 220 is better for long ride little smoother and heavier. However overall the Ns 200 is best for all type driving
  • If you want comfort ride quality then its better to choose 220f or if you want power full ride ,ns 200 is the best
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Q. Sir, which bike is best in pulsar 220 f and yamaha r15 v3?
  • Here it's as per the buyer. I being a 220 owner can share my experience as per my concern 220 is way better in all aspects Pulsar 220 cc will cost you around ₹1,40,000/- whereas R15 v3 150cc around ₹ 1,60,000/- on raid in mumbai major ratio seen I have even completed 126000 km with out any engine opening or clutch plate changes till date from 2015.
  • I think u go for pulsar 220 f.because as maintenance wise it will cost u low. not very aggressive position . u r wrist will not get pain after long drive.even if u have girlfriend on u r rear.even if she stick with u r back when u riding u will not feel weight. 😄. So go for pulsar 200f
  • Its depend on your choice. i like pulsur 220f. But now it costs around 1.3lkh and R15 v3 costs around 1.4lkh. 220f is a beast. R15v3 is also a good bike. Some extra spec in R15 v3. speedometer design , build design , ABS , and mileage 40km/l. your choice to choose your best bike.
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