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Q. Is there any reserve knob available?
  • Bajaj Pulsar NS160 is equipped with a fuel injection engine so it is not available with reserve knob.
Q. PulserNS125 FUEL TANK fiber (or)steel?
  • The internal actual tank is metal. On the outside, it gets ABS plastic panels.
Q. Can I use 140 tyre size?
  • You may go for a wider tyre but upsizing the size of a tyre is increasingly becoming an obsession with people to create an added visual appeal to their bike. Moreover, It is advisable to go for an upgrade anywhere between the 3% margin for better performance and handling, increased grip, and creating a visual appeal. Do take note that upsizing the wheels and tyres may decrease the fuel efficiency of the bike and may result in a speedometer error on the bike if upsizing is not correct. So, we would recommend you to go for a 130/80 -17sized tyre for better performance.
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Q. Which is the best Apache 160 4v or pulsar ns 160?
  • It's Always Apache 160 4V.. There is no doubt in it....a Common NS rider may say that NS is the best... but a most of the Best Riders who have NS bike also told that 4V is best from their Experience , in both Performance and Comfort...
  • In some aspects there is neck to neck competition , but you will take bore mm of Apache is 62 mm , no other 150or160 bike getting that much of bore , in this segment i think it is very best option to take.
  • Both 160s share the engine from their 200cc seniors. Apache has fi and carb, NS I think has only carb. NS is bit lighter in weight. Apache has little powerful engine. choosing between 2 is tricky but I think Apache is better between the by only .5 %.
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Q. How much engine oil is needed for NS160 engine while I change engine oil? 1.2 litre or 1.350 litre?
  • Some day before servicing But now not started
  • Pulsar 150dtsi engine oil capacity
  • 1.2 litres of oil is needed
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Q. My height is 5.5 ft, is Pulsar NS160 suitable for me?
  • I would say it's all upon your riding experience..so I suggest you to take a test drive..I am 5.6 and feel comfortable in riding the bike and also I anyone sits on the pillon .I feel much comfortable in riding as the height decreases because of the weight..
  • Is it suitable? Yes it is. I'm 5.6 and i have to tip toe. You'll feel it difficult in the initial stages but once you get used to it it'll be fun. You can reduce the seat height a bit by 10mm by removing the rubber dampers under the seat.
  • My height is 5.6 and i suggest dont buy ns 160 if u have same or less height...baki bike is good but not for short riders.
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