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450 STD
| 55-75 km/charge
450 Plus With Subscription based Pricing
| 70 km/charge
450 Plus With Upfront Pricing
| 70 km/charge

About Ather 450 Competitors

Okinawa Praise
The Okinawa Praise has an impressive claimed range of 170-200km per charge. But you only have the option of a 72V/45Ah VRLA battery for now, as the more modern 72V/45Ah Li-ion unit is set to go on sale from September 2018 onwards. The former takes 6-8 hours to charge, whereas the latter takes only 1 hour, both under ideal testing conditions. The scooter has a top speed of 75kmph in ‘Turbo’ mode. You can even switch to ‘Eco’ and ‘Sporty’ modes. The Praise gets gas-charged telescopic forks up front and twin rear shock ab

Twenty Two Motors Flow
The Twenty Two Motors Flow gets a commendable range of 160km from its lithium-ion dual-battery setup. The Bosch-developed DC motor produces a massive 90Nm of torque at 100rpm. This helps propel the scooter to a claimed top speed of 60kmph. The battery can be charged up to 70 per cent in an hour using fast charging. Furthermore, the front and rear discs come with regenerative braking, which recycles 6 per cent of the battery capacity. The scooter is suspended on telescopic front forks and dual rear hydraulic suspension.

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