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Q. Is there exchange offer by Aprilia SR125?
  • Exchange of a bike would depend on certain factors like brand, model, physical condition, kilometers driven, no. of owners and many more. In order to check for exchange offers and value, we recommend you to get in touch with nearby dealership. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Bike Showrooms.
Q. How much height do we required to ride Aprilia SR 125?
  • Aprilia SR 125 comes with a seat height of 1261 mm. So, a person with a height of 5ft and above can ride it comfortably. However, we would suggest you to take the test ride so that you can feel the comfort. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly - Bike Showrooms.
Q. I have Aprilia SR 125 it has good mileage but when I ride on hill side road or move slow than other scooter even 110 cc SCOOTERS?
  • The 125 model has to be accelerated fast before even climbing a hill. I usually climb hill with a pillion. usually I have to accelerate very hard and keep a fast speed while climbing a steep hill. If you fail to acce;erate hard and maintain a fast speed your scooter will stop half way and go backwards which can be dangerous. I have fallen 3 times because of acceleration with a pillion. This scooter is not appropriate for a hill climb with a pillion. A single rider is allright though it cannot keep pace with the 100-110 cc's on hill climbs. It's good only for snake pattern hills and plains for cornering and for ripping only. Rest you cannot expect hill climb miracles!I am riding since 2 and half years. The initial is very low. Even on plains it struggles or makes too much noise when starting to move.
  • Time varying its idling.
  • Pickup
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Q. Which one is better ntorq vs aprilia 125 for long term ,build quality?
  • I'll suggest you NTORQ. As because Aprilia SR125 has got less legroom. So I'm case you collide with any other vehicle your leg might get severely injured
  • Aprilia have down point the body is single b**e and no safety lack of service centres showrooms and a height cost othervise it is a racing beast
  • Both are similar. Quite durable, both of them. In case of Ntorq, you get much more practicality, space and comfort. That's all.
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Q. My daily usage 50km in city, so shill I go for Aprilia SR 125, Access 125 or shill wait till TVS Creon. Please suggest me I need my every ride should good in all comfort, handling, braking and millage.
  • Aprilia sr 125 , storm 125 ,sr 150 (2019 all bs 4 versions) in all these models are equipped with faulty drum brakes, these have CBS system which is completely ridiculous, in terms of engine performance this scooter is very good but when brakes are faulty and not at all prompt then no need to consider those vehicle which have max power but failed to Stop machine promptly, if you are paying extra from all its rivalry segments then its waste for money.....i tried to communicate so many times in written to company but they call us in service center with no solution...there are several reasons why company cannot survive in market and have to bind-up their setup due to their silly mistakes, we have several examples in indian market.. there is no comparison of Activa, access with this scooter and its balancing but due to faulty brakes it gives bitter taste...
Q. I know its the best among its segment but the company claims its milage is just 35 kmpl. Is it true? and if it is then should I go for Aprilia SR 125 or Burgman Street - NTORQ?
  • Is it ok to drive alone for 150 KmjQuery2240723511237876129_1601994475093 On Ntorq
  • Who told you its mileage is 35kmpl. The claimed ARAI mileage is 49kmpl and it gives me 45kmpl in city and 50kmpl in highways!!!
  • Milage depends on how u ride it. When i go for long ride (600km) it give me 49 kmpl. But in cities ride around 40kmpl
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