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Taiwanese brand Kymco looks to make a splash in India as it has partnered up with Indian electric startup 22Motors to develop a new range of scooters. These will be sold under the 22Kymco brand. The scooters will be both electric- as well as ICE-powered as the company looks to begin operations with 3 products: the ICE-powered Like 200 and X-Town 300, and the electric iFlow.

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22Kymco bikes price starts at Rs. 74,740 for the cheapest bike Flow and goes up to Rs. 1.85 lakh for the top model 22Kymco X-Town 300i. 22Kymco offers 4 new bike models in India. X-Town 300i (Rs. 1.85 lakh), Flow (Rs. 74,740) and Like200 (Rs. 1.13 lakh) are among the popular bikes from 22Kymco. In the year 2020/2021, 22Kymco is going to launch 1 new models in India. Select a 22Kymco bike to know the latest offers in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and reviews.

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Q. How much electricity 22Kymco Flow consumes? What need to be done in house if I buy this electric bike(I mean Charger spot)?
  • 22Kymco Flow comes with a 50.5V, 13 A, 656.5 watt battery pack which takes around 4-5 Hours to get fully charged. So, it will consume around 2.5 units of electricity. Total cost will dpeend on the cost per unit in your city. It comes with a house hold charger also so it can be charged at home.
Q. Is 22Kymco Flow available right now in market? New Delhi to be specific.
  • The brand 22kymco has very limited dealerships in India, For the availability in Delhi, we would suggest you to exchange your words with the brand as they will be the better people to assist you in this case.
Q. How to buy 22Kymco Flow in the Tamil Nadu state at Trichy district?
  • Here, we would recommend you to exchange your words with the brand directly in order to get better help for purchasing 22Kymco Flow.
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