Detroit Auto Show 2019
18th-27th January

Detroit Auto Show 2019
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North American International Auto Show, also called Detroit Auto Show, is a confluence of automotive technology and future innovations. It is the largest platform that hosts automakers, innovators, engineers and thought makers, all under one roof to come up with an auto show that is second to none. We promise to bring you all the excitement and make your January even better.

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29th Jan 2019
  • Sierra X31, Denali, and Elevation : Ain't nothing like a GMC: 2019 Detroit Auto Show

    Yeah, we know it is another pick-up truck, but this one's a little different. GMC Sierra is one of the most popular pick-up trucks in America and that's largely because of its huge proportions that span over 21ft in length and 6.5ft in height. And GMC isn't hesitant to add dollops of convenience. So, the Denali version of Sierra gets a multi-pro tailgate system and premium interiors with lots of creature comforts. GMC Sierra allows you to choose out of multiple engine options. They are far too many to mention here...so just refer to the video, folks! 


  • 2020 Ford Explorer ST : Not your average SUV : 2019 Detroit Auto Show

    This Detroit Auto Show is running amok with SUVs and Pick-ups and Crossovers. Here's another one that we saw- Ford Explorer ST. This is a sportier and more rugged version of the new Ford Explorer and gets a distinct all-black front grille, black alloy wheels and plastic body kit running around the sides. On the inside it gets a flat-bottomed steering wheel, leather upholstery and some added gadgetry. And this one generates about 400 bhp of power and gets a 10-speed gearbox taken from the Mustang.


  • MOPAR Customs : Hellephant, Ram 1500 Rebel, Jeep Gladiator : 2019 Detroit Auto Show

    Even though MOPAR is largely involved in looking after motor parts and customer services in the FCA, it devotes its free time customizing and fine-tuning quick cars...well..to make them even quicker. Take for example the Hellephant Supercharger Concept. MOPAR started with a classic Dodge Charger, and fitted it with huge 20" wheels and Brembo brakes from Dodge Hellcat. Then, they gave it a 7.0L V8 Hemi making a 1000 BHP..that's insane! And all this is mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox.  There's also a version of Jeep Gladiator that comes with around 200 customization options. Just look at what they do !


  • Alfa Romeo 4c Spider : An icon : 2019 Detroit Auto Show

    Alfa Romeo make one of the best looking cars in the world, and their 4c Spider is a testament to that. Short wheelbase, low slung stance and those rear haunches make it look drop-dead gorgeous. It is a small but nippy car that comes equipped with a 1.8L inline 4 turbocharges engine that makes 240 PS and 350 NM of torque. While that may not look like much, it is certainly more than capable of pushing this 1.1 ton car to 100 kmph in around 4.7 seconds. Alfa Romeo have designed this to offer pure driving pleasure. so, there aren't very many creature comforts and driving tricks up its sleeves.  But sadly, this tiny clapper may soon meet its end to give rise to an EV.


  • Nissan Titan and Titan XD : Tough and smart : 2019 Detroit Auto Show

    With over 6m in length and standing 6 ft tall, Nissan Titan and Titan XD are huge enough to dwarf most cars on the streets. They are truly befitting for the pick-up scenario that is a hot rage in the USA. And it's not just the looks that convey the rugged ability of this vehilce, even what is under that hood is enough to take over anything.  Nissan Titan draws power from a 5.6L V8 that churns out 390 horses with 534 NM of torque, the Titan XD runs on a Cummins 5.0L turo diesel making 310 horses but menancing 750 NM of torque. 


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