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User Opinion about Kinetic e-Luna

Based on 5 rating & 46 reviews
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  • Kinetic eLuna EcoFriendly Urban Cruiser

    This model offers anecofriendly Urban sportfisherman experience, which is why I like it. My enthusiasm has been obtained by the eLuna's capacity to give emigration free and quiet transportation. Especially, this electric scooter represents Kinetic's fidelity to environmentally friendly Urban transportation. I am impressed by its useful mix of a traditional sportfisherman 2 Wheeler, coincidental amenities, and operative electric motor. For those appearing for an electric scooter intended for a affable andecoconscious Urban commute, the eLuna's features have cemented its status as a cherished option. Ride in style on a two-wheeled electric vehicle that is dependable and wonderfully fashionable.

  • Commuting Redefined with Practicality

    Aimed for accessible and operative commuting, the Kinetic eLuna is an environmentally friendly electric scooter. It's a great Independence for standard ride because of its electric motor, which guarantees a strong but quiet interpretation. Riders get a reliable and affable experience because to the eLuna's two wheeler, which emphasizes simplicity and mileage. Although it may be more charming with farther amenities, the eLuna is noble for its fidelity to environmentally sustainable transportation. City riders can trust Kinetic's electric scooter since it has effectively managed the demand for ultrapractical and ecologically scrupulous transportation.

  • its a great choice for a scooter.

    Kinetic luna electric is a potential scooter for today's market. It is a compact retro designed scooter whose estimated price is about 70000. Maybe you guys would know that this is an old company that was popular a time ago. So it could be said that it is a trustable company with great vehicles. Along with that Kinetic Luna Electric is an electric scooter that also serves for the motive of clean and pollution free earth. Hence its a great choice for a scooter.

  • Entry level electric scooter

    It is a simple looking electric scooter with good storage space for luggage and the price range is around 80 thousand and the top speed is around 50 kmph. It is very comfortable and gives a very smooth ride. It is very affordable and gives good handing and ride and is a good for city rides. It is a entry level electric scooter with good basics features and because of its small size is very easy to handle in traffic and the city and gives good stability.

  • Orginal choice

    This bike such new generation to a orginal choice to ride a new bike.This is the comfortable bike and this one is beautiful model.


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