How to check your car's engine oil level?

Engine oil is the blood equivalent of your car. Checking it regularly is of prime importance to keep the engine fit. A step-by-step guide on how to do it


Checking oil level



It is ideal to check your engine oil level every month and before making a long road trip. Now most owners would believe that oil need not be checked so frequently mainly for the fact that cars do not consume so much engine oil. But considering the state of our roads the odds of hitting a bump and suffering an oil leak are quite high. It is for this reason that experts suggest a routine check-up every month. 


Checking the oil level is a quick, easy and effortless task. All you need is a piece of cloth or a rag. The following steps will guide you through a methodical process of checking oil levels in your car. 


1.) Firstly, to know whether your car has the right amount of oil as per manufacturer recommendations you need to park your car on a flat surface. A car parked on an inclined surface will never give you the correct reading. Further, before you actually check the engine oil level, make sure that the car has cooled down. Wait for at least 10-15 minutes after you have switched off your car. To ensure that the car cools faster, you can even pop the hood open. 


2.) The location of the dipstick will vary according to your engine. Refer the user’s manual for the exact location. Pull out the dip stick and the wipe its end with a clean rag or cloth. Now insert the dip stick back into the tube and push it all the way in. 



Engine Bay, dip stick



3.) Now, pull it back out. Check both the sides of the dip stick to know if your car needs more oil. The dip stick generally has a ‘Min’ and ‘Max’ marking to show you the amount of oil there is. Other markings include an ‘L’ and ‘H’ to show Low and High level of engine oil or simply two pinholes to mark. 


4.) If the top of the oil smudge is on or around the ‘Max’ marking, your car has the right amount of oil. But if it is anywhere close to the ‘Min’ marker it’s time for a top up or an oil change. If your car’s oil level drops down to the minimum level quite frequently, you need to get it check for an oil leak. Also Read: How to check for engine oil leak. 


5.) While you are at it, you can also check the oil colour. If it seems red or slightly brownish, it’s just fine. But if it appears to be black and grainy to touch, the car might just need an oil change. 


If the oil level as well as the colour seems fine, clean the dipstick once again; insert it back into the tube, close the hood and you are ready to go. 


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