Avoid running the air-conditioning more than you need

it's a known fact that continuous use of a vehicle's air conditioning puts strain on your engine's motor burning up a lot of fuel


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In most parts of India, driving in sweltering temperatures leaves you with no choice but to turn on the air-conditioner for a blast of cool air to hit your face. However, it’s a known fact that continuous use of a vehicle’s air conditioning puts strain on your engine’s motor burning up a lot of fuel. 


Also, when you kill your engine at a red light even for a short stop, make it a habit to switch off your air conditioning while the car is stationary, so you don’t put excessive load on the motor when it needs a breather. Once your car is back in motion you can switch your A/C back on, but avoid doing this repeatedly over short distances.





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On certain lower displacement cars, with limited power on tap, keeping your air conditioning on when ascending a hill or a rising patch of road may not be such a good idea, as the engine will require all its muscle to carry that weight up to the top and the added load of keeping the air conditioner running may restrict the car from climbing effortlessly. Finally, always check if your air conditioner has been switched off when exiting your vehicle and activate the same only when you are back on the road and have achieved cruising speeds.


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