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    There’s not one, not even five, there’s 19 companies attempting to make driverless cars a reality by 2020. Here are the ones in the race:

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    1. Tesla: Should be ready by 2018
    2. Uber [collaborating with Volvo]: launching driverless taxis in Pittsburgh soon
    3. Toyota: Should have a driverless car by 2020
    4. BMW: Project i20 should be a fully autonomous car ready by 2025
    5. Volvo: Intends to use semi-autonomous features to make their cars deathproof by 2020
    6. Nissan: Should have a driverless car by 2020
    7. Ford: Stresses on affordable driverless cars by 2021
    8. GM [partnering with Lyft]: ready to make driverless cars available on demand with the ride-sharing service
    9. Daimler Benz: Along with cars, aiming for driverless trucks by 2020
    10. Audi: A7 already drove 550 miles driverless
    11. Honda: should offer a driverless car by 2020.
    12. Hyundai: Surprisingly behind the competition. Will have autonomous features by 2020, but fully driverless car only by 2030.
    13. PSA: Ready to have fully driverless cars by 2020
    Besides the auto majors, there are quite a few tech companies also developing autonomous cars:
    1. Google: autonomous cars almost ready. Refinements and clarifications on regulations holding them back.
    2. Apple: rumored to be working on a driverless car, but like all things Apple, everything’s hush-hush.
    3. Bosch: has a host of driverless technologies, will have a fully autonomous car by 2020.
    4. Faraday Future: will have electric fully autonomous cars production ready by 2020.
    5. LeEco: The Chinese Tech company also developing a fully autonomous car the LeSee.
    6. Baidu, China: by 2018
    With so many companies in the fray, the next decade is going to be the driverless decade!
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      Kaiserketkar Add some unfamiliar names to that NuTonomy, Nauto,, Cruise automation, Oxbotica, Comma,ai, Otto. Actually most of the major automakers are working with these small companies, partly because they are agile and partly to avoid the hassle of starting fresh in this space.