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DDPAI Mini 2 Car Dash Camera - Installation and my initial impressions

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  • DDPAI Mini 2 Car Dash Camera - Installation and my initial impressions

    Hi Everyone,
    If you had checked my ownership thread of Hyundai Grand i10, you may know that i was looking to get car dash camera and after some research I ordered ddpai mini 2 from aliexpress.
    This was my first experience ordering from Aliexpress and I am pleasantly surprised that it worked well. May be I didn't expect it.
    First thing - delivery happened fairly quickly in 16 days whereas seller has quoted 25-40 days.
    Packing was really nice, more like phone. It reminded me of popular mobile company Xiaomi.

    It contains - main camera, cigarette charger with 2 USB outlets, very long USB to micro USB cable, remote button, adhesives tapes and hooks, manual is in english and chinese , easy to understand.
    As I was thinking of how to do installation, i checked few youtube videos and decided to do all myself as it seemed easy.
    I opened inside plastic cover of left A pillar, put USB cable across and from behind glove box then upto power socket.
    Now for mounting camera in good position and for ease of use , I liked idea of using magnets to attach and detach from one youtube video. This allows flexibility of removing camera and use it for other purpose.

    I bought small neodymium magnets and attached to dash cam mount 3M adhesive stick. Then I attached small steel plate behind IRVM with 3M tape. With this arrangement, I can now securely attach dash cam and also remove it whenever needed. Neodymium magnets are really powerful and camera stays very stable when mounted.
    It also has nifty remote button which pairs with camera via bluetooth i guess and can be used to take snaps and also 10 sec video.
    Whole setup looks ok, works well. ddpai mini 2 has good features at price (~ Rs. 6.2k) I bought Sandisk 64GB High endurance micro sd card which i got cheap ( ~ Rs. 1.2K) from US black friday sale via my friend. I read that normal card will fail after some usage and hence decided to buy high endurance variant which are specially designed for CCTV and dash cameras.
    Dash cam creates it's own wifi network and neat phone app(iOS, Android) helps you access camera and do basic setup, config and allows you to view timeline. There is loop recording but unfortunately no setting to set clip length, by default it is 3 mins.
    Camera supports 3 resolutions, 2K(1440), FHD(1080) and HD (720)
    Micro sd card needs to formatted via app first. It has more settings for distortion correction, voice recording. I still need to study some of those.
    From my initial tests, it seems Full HD resolution is best for stable recording. Check following sample videos(check twitter link below) and snaps. Clarity and stabilization seems good.
    During night, evening or early morning , there seems to less clarity which is expected.
    I will check more videos in different conditions from camera and update here. If you guys have any questions , please feel free to ask, I will try to share my experience and views.
    P.S. - Sorry guys, I couldn't post all pics as I am struggling with forum posting which seems to be broken or i am doing anything wrong.
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    Just wanted to check with you, was there any sort of customs duty that you had to pay when importing this through AliExpress? And what were the shipping charges like? Two weeks delivery time from China to India is pretty good.
    Drink coffee and drive!


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      No, I didnt pay any customs duty. Free shipping as well