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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 causes Jeep to go up in flames!

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 causes Jeep to go up in flames!

    A Florida resident put his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on charging in his Jeep while he got out to unload the Jeep. As he looked back, the SUV had caught fire. Fortunately the Fire Department was able to put out the fire before it spread beyond the car. Although, the insurance will cover the cost of the car, all the time and efforts he put in doing several modifications have gone up in smoke! You can't blame the guy for vowing that he'll never allow a Samsung device in his house ever again.
    Here are some screenshots from the news report:
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    For the tech & automobile enthusiast in me, it's disheartening for such a wonderful gadget and machine to perish thus. Especially when one caused the other.

    Samsung have found themselves in the dock recently when reports of their newest phone- the Galaxy Note 7 exploding because of a battery defect. As of 1 Sep 2016, there have been 35 separate incidents of phones catching fire. The Korean company has issued a worldwide voluntary recall of over 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices and has stopped sale of any new Note 7s.

    The US air safety regulator- the FAA as well as our domestic regulator- the DGCA have both issued warnings around the Galaxy Note 7. They have maintained that the device is a potential airborne fire hazard, advising passengers to avoid taking the devices onboard entirely. The DGCA order has advised that passengers not turn on or charge the device in the plane, nor should they carry it in the checked in baggage.

    Adding to the headached of Samsung, on the heels of these advisories, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has also advised customers to immediately power down these devices and stop using them completely.

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    If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, then as per the advisories issued globally, you might do well to turn your phone off and not use it at all. Samsung has issued a recall and the faulty devices that have been sold already will be replaced by the company. The new devices that don't have the faulty battery will be shipped globally sometime this month. Only after all the devices have been replaced, new units will go on sale. Here's how you can find out of the Note 7 you purchased is a safe device or not:
    • Check the box the Galaxy Note 7 came in. The safe devices will have the sticker resembling the image below. If the barcode label has the small black square and the big blue 'S', then you're clear. If it doesn't have these markings, then get your unit exchanged.
    Click image for larger version

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    • If you don't have the box anymore, then Samsung will be updating an online database of IMEI codes from 13 Sep. You can enter your device's IMEI code into it and find out if your device is safe or not.


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      The number 7 does not seem to bode well for either Samsung or Apple. This one is a real freakish accident.
      Drink coffee and drive!


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        And to think they skipped the Note 6 for this! 😝

        Freakish yes, but one off- no. Small wonder that airlines have banned it. I think this may be the first time that a specific brand /model has been connected with such an advisory.


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          .... and the troubles of Samsung continue... this time in India.
          This time it wasn't even a Note 7. The device in question was a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
          A passenger on an Indigo flight from Singapore to Chennai had kept his Note 2 in the overhead compartment. As the flight was about to land at Chennai, the crew notice smoke coming out of the compartment. They identified the culprit as the Note 2 device, and the fire was put up and the device transferred to a water container in the lavatory.
          The DGCA has taken the device for further investigation and Samsung has been notified to investigate the cause of the fire.

          Click image for larger version

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          [image of the burnt Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on the Indigo flight. As you can see, the cause does seem to be the battery]


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            Kaiserketkar For the users of Galaxy Note 7 or any other note series phones here is a safe way to charge.
            I know a lot about cars, man. I can look at any car's headlights and tell you exactly which way it's coming.


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              LOL! Samsung should provide this protective gear free with their phone! A friend of mine narrated this to me yesterday- he was on a domestic flight and the flight attendant actually specifically announced- "Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and 7 owners switch off ur mobiles...everyone else can keep it on aeroplane mode" 😳😱 Samsung Note 2 batteries have been known to balloon after a year or two. Several folk I know have swore off Samsung because of such experiences. Although I wonder why it's only the Galaxy Note phones that have suffered thus, does Samsung use different batteries for the Notes and different for the Galaxy S series phones?


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                And finally! The Galaxy Note 7 has been officially banned by an emergency US order by the FAA. These devices won't be allowed on planes even if they are shut off. The Note 7 is now classified as a "Forbidden Hazardous Material" under US law. The officials said that anyone who attempts to sneak the device on board is increasing the risk of a catastrophic incident and may be subject to criminal prosecution in addition to fines. People in the midst of their travel were urged to contact Samsung immediately to arrange for a replacement phone. For passengers arriving at the airport who cannot keep it in the car, or with someone who is not flying, American Airlines will keep it in an area for storage of hazardous materials, from where they can pick it up after their flight. FedEx and UPS have already said they won't ship these phones by air, only by ground transportation, that to in special boxes.


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                  Kaiserketkar Yeah, even Samsung has halted the production of its Galaxy Note 7. I think they will permanently stop the sales as well as production of these devices. And since Galaxy Note series is different from the other Galaxy phone series, they tend to use a different battery (may be from a different manufacturer). So only the Galaxy Notes series suffer from these problems.