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OBD for more data- Query about QuikrScanner

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  • OBD for more data- Query about QuikrScanner

    I came across QuikrScanner recently and found it pretty interesting. It can connect to the OBD port and offer more information about the vehicle through a mobile app. The pricing of this device looks decent as well. I am overcautious about keeping my motorcycle healthy have been thinking how good it would be to get updates on the status and then I came across this. I really hated when my motorcycle was communicating the issue in morse codes and then I had to dig through the manual to figure out what was wrong. I was wondering if there is something similar available for motorcycles too?
    And btw has anyone tried this particular device? Is it as good as some claim it is?
    QuikrCars brings you Vehicle Tracking System. Get real time car location through GPS tracking, Anti Theft alarms for Car security, driving behaviour and car's internal health report.

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    Hello , I have been using QuikrScanner OBD II device and mobile app for last 5 months. It's good , pretty accurate and useful . Recently traveled for about 2K KM interior of Maharashtra and got complete idea about route traveled , my and my driver's driving habit, area of improvement; the app shows alerts for over speeding etc.
    Go for it . Yes support is very poor, one issue is after specific number of trips the app give out shrill sound , buzzer; what for I don't know and there is no way to stop it.
    Used it for earlier car SX4 ZXi AT and that time there was option menu to input my own speed limit etc parameters for alters generation but after changing to Hyundai Creta SX+ Auto this menu option has vanished..
    Anyway good to have device and very low priced.