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  • Dubai Launches a Driverless 10 Seater Minibus service on trial Basis for a month

    The Driverless automobile theme is hitting the world like a disease We can expect a recession for automobile DRIVERS in near Future at this rate The latest news comes from Dubai, where they have unveiled their first driver-less bus service, now at a month long trial period for the electric vehicle with a view to expanding it across the futuristic Gulf city state.
    The 10 seat vehicle made its very '1st trip on September 1st', Thursday along a 700 meter(2,300 foot) stretch of road in downtown Dubai, near to the World's Tallest Tower, Burj Khalifa. Developed jointly by French group Easy Mile and Dubai based Omnix, the minibus is powered by an electric motor and can hit speeds upto 40 kmph(25 mph).
    But, by using cutting edge guidance technology, Its developers say the Bus can adapt it's speed to the surrounding environment and can even come to a complete halt if a pedestrian were to cross its path. It can be programmed to navigate between Dubai's main tourist attractions, including the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera and the Souk al-Bahar shopping centre, the emirate's Road Transport Authority (RTA) said in a statement. Thursday's test run was "the first and very important stage in our efforts to introduce this type of vehicle into Dubai's transport network, said RTA official Ahmed Bahrozyan .
    Mattar al-Tayer, the RTA's director general, said it aimed to have a quarter of all Dubai transport automated by year 2030. Dubai is a leading tourist destination in the Gulf, attracting 14.2 million visitors in 2015. Source -
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    JOY MRC This seems to be like a solution that will be used outside public roads. The 700mts stretch mentioned here would most probably be a shuttle service from the parking lots to the Dubai Mall and to Bhurj Khalifa. With the speeds mentioned, the vehicle cannot be used in most of the main roads in Dubai which have a minimum speed limit of 80kmph. I believe they may also be replacing some golf carts which were doing service inside the huge malls to take people from one shop to the other. I don't think there was such a bus service earlier, so for now this would not be causing loss of driver jobs. But if Dubai starts adopting this on a larger scale, we can expect a lot of return population in Kerala, which may indirectly benifit Ola and Uber. It looks like we are a generation who were lucky to see many major revolutions like in the mobile phones and now in automobiles.
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      [QUOTE_NODE]"Originally posted by Arjun" It looks like we are a generation who were lucky to see many major revolutions like in the mobile phones and now in automobiles. [/QUOTE_NODE] True that. I'm guessing these buses might get a dedicated lane in and around Dubai's tourist destinations and will ply tourists from one spot to the other. Many cities have adopted this model albeit not driverless systems. In Chennai, the MTC runs a service called 'Hop-On, Hop-Off' where air-conditioned mini buses ferries tourists across the many tourist attractions in the city and on the outskirts. This system, I feel, will onmly be feasible in India if it gets a dedicated lane just like the BRTS systems seen in many cities. However, what worries me is the massive number of people who will be left wiothout a job when this is introduced. Same goes for autonomous cars too. What happens to the chauffeurs when these cars become mainstream. There are too man unanswered questions and as more and more companies invent their own systems only a marginal number of them will ultimately survive and become feasible which will result in investors of other companies losing a lot of dough.