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  • Dash Cams -Request suggestions

    Hello friends ,

    I am planning to buy a Dash Camera for my Thar, request suggestions on a reliable brand, price and availability in Delhi. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a rear-view mirror embedded dash cam in my older Scorpio. I bought it off The brand was some company called Alria. It cost Rs. 4,500 or something last year. It is now priced at Rs. 4,900 on Amazon. The output is OK. Not really great at night, as it gets a little blurry and number plates are not that visible. But in daylight the footage is pretty clear. I've put a 32GB card in it. It fits over the rear view mirror on my older Scorpio - so it should fit the Thar also.
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    If you want a good quality one, which is not expensive, I would suggest going for this Blaupunkt dash cam. It costs only Rs. 4,400 and has pretty good quality output. My friend has this in his Fortuner.
    It seems to be pretty good value for money:
    Click image for larger version

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    But what I really want for the new Scorpio, and I will get in a bit, is this dash cam from Transcend. It has got some fantastic reviews abroad. It has inbuilt GPS, collision warning, lane departure warning etc. And footage is pretty good. It's a bit expensive though.
    Click image for larger version

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    I love the last one. You can also download footage through Wi-Fi - meaning you don't have to keep taking the card out of the camera or removing the camera from the mount. I am planning to wire up a separate 12 volt power socket that is directly connected to the battery and enable motion detection on this camera. That way, it will remain always on and even record events at night or in the parking lot, just like a security camera. I'm sure it won't drain the car's battery overnight, as it consumes very little power. Need to first check on that. Its own battery back up is only for 30 minutes, which is not that great.
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      Thanks a lot Roshun for the info , probably will go for the Blaupunkt for the thar . Maybe on a later stage may plan for transcend for the XUV .


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        Dash cams, I feel, are a must these days especially considering the rising number of accidents on our roads and car thefts. Here are some pros and cons of having a dashboard-mounted camera in your car:
        • In case your car is involved in an accident, dash cam footage can provide an objective account of what really happened on the road. It can save you from being liable for the expenses you are not responsible for.
        • It can help avoid an insurance scam. I’ve heard that in other countries, people stage an accident like jumping in front of a car intentionally to claim insurance. A dash cam is one way to avoid being a victim of a staged accident.
        • Dash cams can help protect against mishaps while the car is parked. If someone tries to vandalise or steal your car, the dash cam can capture valuable footage of the person in the act which can then be given to the police or the insurance company for claim.
        • Dash cams can also be used to monitor the driving skills of a person. If you are new to driving or share your vehicle with someone, a dash cam can help you go through the footage, analyse your driving and help you improve or correct your skills like three point turns and parallel parking techniques.
        • But best of all, you can capture some stunning roads and scenery while on a road trip. Now what can possibly beat that.
        • Dash cams can be a source of distraction for some. But I guess that won’t be a problem with many in our country as they are so good at multi-tasking! Have you seen idiots who fiddle around with the phone and change lanes at the same time? Well, I have. It’s bloody annoying and that’s where my road rage (if I exhibit any) stems from.
        • Invasion of privacy - you never know who may sue you for recording them without their consent


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          check this list ;