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HVK Delhi Group Meet on Jan 31

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  • HVK Delhi Group Meet on Jan 31

    While HVKumar was on another epic drive from KanyaKumari to Kashmir in his trusty old Scorpio (5084) with close to 4.5 lakh km on the odometer, he drove through Delhi on the weekend of Jan 30-31. Two things forced him to take a break in Delhi. One was a brake issue with his Scorpio that needed fixing and the second, and more important reason, was a get-together planned by the Delhi group of HVK members. The highlight of the meet was to spread awareness about the GS initiative - a "Good Samaritan" initiative if you will - that HVK has been championing, and which will ensure any traveller will get access to prompt medical attention if ever needed.

    ‚ÄčI met up with HVKumar and Jeep Captain the previous day (Jan 30) as we had to take a look at his Scorpio, which had some braking issues (I'm not going into details of that - as that is material for a separate thread itself, given the amount of time and effort it took to sort out the issue later). To cut that long story short, HVK and Jeep Captain had to hitch a ride with RodeoSport and Hitesh for the meet on Jan 31. This meet was organized at a place about 50 km out of Delhi in Sonipat, aptly called Highway Dreams.

    There were about 45 members present in about half that number of cars, all driving in a convoy that got there well before I (and of course HVKumar, Jeep Captain, RodeoSport and Hitesh) managed to reach. Once there, a cup of hot coffee with pakoras was welcome as the weather had turned nippy and cloudy, with a hint of a drizzle. Nevertheless, there was a roaring bonfire going, around which the group assembled to first share introductions - and travel tales - before getting to the more serious bit of the day, the GS Initiative.

    Now, GS, is all about using the HVK network (and other networks of connected friends, acquaintances and group members) to provide timely help to accident victims or even for roadside assistance. There were a few instances highlighted where the timely intervention of forum members had helped save the lives of other group members who met with accidents in remote parts of India.

    As part of the GS Initiative, every member is to carry a sticker with his ICE (in case of emergency contact information) on it, which would enable others to immediately reach out and help. Plus, using the network, key people (doctors, lawyers and other helpful folks) could be identified in different cities to reach out and help members from the group (including those in this forum, who sign on).

    Sharing a video courtesy Ajay Sharma from the HVK group that highlights this initiative:

    Now for some photos from the event:
    First up, while heading there, brake trouble resurfaces with HVK's Scorpio forcing us to park it and carry on without it to the meet. HVK, RodeoSport, Hitesh and Jeep Captain in the pic:
    Click image for larger version

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    In-car, car-to-car CB radio communication. About 4-5 cars in the convoy were carrying CB Radios including RodeoSport, who also supplies them. CB Radios are useful in convoy driving for instant communication.
    Click image for larger version

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    A bunch of cars at the meet at Highway Dreams.
    Click image for larger version

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    Coffee and conversations ensue at the meet:
    Click image for larger version

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    A more serious discussion around the bonfire on the GS Initiative:
    Click image for larger version

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    And what's a meet without a line up of all the cars at the event?
    Click image for larger version

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    Others, please share any more photos you have of the meet below.

    Drink coffee and drive!

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    Here's a picture of the post-meet meet-up. The motley crew trying to get HVK's Scorpio fixed so that he could continue on his trip to Kashmir with Jeep Captain. Others in the photo include Karan, Hitesh, VnV and me. The venue - Made 4x4 Concepts, Hitesh's top-secret hideout for everything 4x4 :-)
    Click image for larger version

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    Drink coffee and drive!


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      This is how the GS Sticker looks like on the windscreen of the car

      This is how the GS Sticker looks inside the Car windscreen. It has the following info:
      Name/ Blood Group/ Mobile
      ICE 1 - Family Member Name/ Mobile
      ICE 2 - Friend Name/ Mobile

      The rationale behind the sticker is that in case of an accident, it will be possible for anyone to identify who the affected person is & ensure that his nearest family member or close friend can be contacted.
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        ICE Stickers is a nice idea.