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Bangalore - Hampi road trip

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  • Bangalore - Hampi road trip


    Am planning to drive to Hampi on Friday evening and return Monday morning. Any suggestions on route to be taken, nice places to have dinner/meals?


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    Piyush_Bansal The best route would be the Bangalore -Hiriyur- Bellari-Hospet- Hampi route. I have taken the Chritradurga route last year in December and the route was slow due to road works. The Hiriyur-Bellari route was what I took on the way back and it was much better. For food, there is a Kamat at Tumkur road, and otherwise there would be good options in Bellary. Hospet is a small town and I think there was a hotel named Shanbagh which was a decent one for Udupi food. Mostly Hospet has a few dinner options.In Hampi try the Mango Tree restaurant. Had tried a few more places but can't recollect the names. Hampi is full of old temples and ruins from the Vijayanagar kingdom. There is a lot to see and it would be best to hire a guide there who can tell you the history of all the places. There is a lot of history behind each temple and place, which would be missed if you see them without a guide. You can get a guide from the entrance of Virupaksha temple, where there is a tourism department office. Have a nice trip.
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