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Porsche 911R - A 'real' driver's car

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  • Porsche 911R - A 'real' driver's car

    The Porsche 911 is synonymous with handling, stability and precision. Over the years the Porsche 911 has become more sophisticated and complicated, but it retains the title of the most involving car to drive. With the 2017 Porsche 911R, the engineers in Stuttgart have tried to return the happiness that was lost in this new-age world of electronics. It made it's debut at the ongoing Geneva Motor Show

    This car pays homage to the original 1967 Porsche 911R. The original one could not pass homologation and hence only 27 pieces exist in the world, making it an absolute treasure!

    The '67 sported a manual transmission, which is the MOST special thing carried forward to the '17 model.


    Mechanically speaking, it is a cross between the 911 GT3 and the GT3 RS. The engine is a naturally-aspirated 4.0 liter flat six producing a shattering 500 bhp, with close 530 Nm of torque going through the rear wheel, the same as the 911 GT3 RS.

    Again, it's got a 6-SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION!! It is THE most special thing about this car and is also rare thing in today's time and age. It's 'that' Porsche that simply does not care about lap times, rather wants to play with your emotions and engage you with every kilometer you drive. It's for the Purist.


    The time taken from 0-100 in this beauty is 3.7 seconds . And if you're lucky enough to find a 'closed' road, you can reach upto 200 MPH!!

    The science behind these mind boggling numbers is the weight reduction techniques that are being used by Porsche in this model - for example, Porsche did a lot to make the 911R lighter than the GT3 RS, using only carbon fiber for the front fenders and luggage compartment; magnesium for the roof, and front and side "glass." The total curb weight for the 911 R is 1370 kgs, which is a whole 54 kgs lighter than the GT3 RS


    Click image for larger version

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    Porsche also did some work to the 911 R's chassis to make it a joy in the corners and not scrub off the oh-so-expensive underbody. The rear-axle steering system has been tweaked to provide precise handling and improved stability along with the optional 'Lift', which gives you an inch more of clearance. The 911 R's exterior comes with red or green racing stripes as standard, a pop-up rear wing, and a rear diffuser which looks like it really does the job! Inside are a set of bucket seats with 'houndstooth' fabric and carbon fiber backsides. The steering wheel is specially crafted for this R model. It doesn't come with an A/C and Infotainment system, unless you ask for it.
    Large ceramic composite brakes help bring the 911 R to a stop, and a set of 20-inch wheels feature center-locking hubs.
    Click image for larger version

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    It certainly comes with an BIG price tag of £136,901, which is considerably more than the GT3 RS. But given that is only target it the enthusiast and the fact production is limited to only 991 cars, that’s probably the cheapest a 911 R will ever be. Its going to be one of those collectors cars soon enough

    Some more angles to truly appreciate this beauty
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    No traction, more action!

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    In case that wasn't enough, here are some of the interior

    Click image for larger version

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    No traction, more action!


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      Woah the 911R looks like a beast. So glad they plonked the 4.0-litre flat six from the GT3 RS. I guess Porsche saved at least 10kg by doing away with the GT3 RS' spoiler. This one surely go into the history books as a classic pretty soon. Would love to see a couple of examples here in India.


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        Check out this video where Henry Catchpole from EVO asks Andreas Preuninger about the changes made to the 911 R to make it the beast it is.


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          Talking about that lovely interior, this what Andreas Preuninger had to say.

          "The interior of the car should continue to be what it is on the outside. It should be pure. For me, this is not a car you get in and drive. It should be like dressing up or that right pair of jeans. As soon as you get in the car everything should fall into place. For me, it's almost a spiritual experience driving a car to be honest. Everything should be crisp and mechanical. Like the gear lever for instance, it feels like a rifle bolt. That's the way it's supposed to be. A car still is a sum of its mechanical components. It should feel like one. Not like driving an iPhone. I like iPhones but I like to get a mechanical, crisp feedback of a car."

          Well said Mr Preuninger. You are my hero!


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            Yes, you are right it's a real beauty driving this 911, I drove one of the car at Bigboytoyz​ it was fabulous.
            This was the car which I rode.


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              Rajat_Menon7 Yes Rajat you are right BBT is having a huge variety of cars and even I visited their new showroom it was marvelous , even though I didn't get a chance to test drive but yeah it was amazing experience going there. I personally liked one of the red mustang there as I love muscle cars.