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Your favourite car review videos.

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  • Your favourite car review videos.

    So we all have our favourite car reviews and no matter how old the car is, they stick!

    I remember I was a school kid at the time when I watched the E39 M5 review by Tiff Needell on Top Gear. Here's the video:

    What made me fall in love with the car ( and the video) was that beast of an engine in a unassuming 5-series lookalike, but really it was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    Other things I loved:
    1) the auto adjusting progressive red line marking
    2)The slides, oh the slides! Tiff Needell is a joy to watch!
    3)Did I mention the car?

    Tiff Needell was undoubtedly the better half of Top Gear for me! he's a brilliant driver and great commentator!
    (JC is overrated)
    'You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody.' - Frank Sinatra

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    Protip : you need to wear your earphones to do true justice to this video!

    Evo's Henry Catchpole got the chance to drive an Aventador SV( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) on the Isle of Man (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    What followed was aural sex

    CorsaVeloce and Roshun LISTEN TO THAT V12!!!

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    'You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody.' - Frank Sinatra


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      So I'm sure many of you have seen that video of some 33 Classic cars starting up. The sound is pure heavenly music for those who love engines. What's better than those 33 Classics and Supercars starting up is this set of supercars revving and accelerating out of the park. Put on your headphones or turn up your speaker volumes and enjoy these engines revving. Then tell me which one of these you loved the most. My favourite note among them was probably the C63 and the GTR. The Ferrari's were driving pretty tamely, but there's one C63 owner and another M5 owner who went all out with ESP probably off, and that's how you enjoy a supercar. Enjoy!


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        This is not exactly a review. This video is of a Lamborghini owner taking his very rare Veneno (one of only three built) out on a very wet racetrack.
        Hats off to this man as
        usually owners of such rare and prized cars like to keep them clean and display them in a garage or a museum. This man, however, has different ideas of what to do with his special car. Yes, he is seen here driving with caution and taking turns really slow but the rain hasn’t dampened the sound of that glorious V12 one bit. Check out the video below:


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          Awesome car video. Thanks for sharing.