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Logic Behind BMW S1000 RR's Assymetrical Design

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  • Logic Behind BMW S1000 RR's Assymetrical Design

    A lot of us have always wondered why BMW motorcycles have a quirky, asymmetrical design. The design language certainly triggers OCD issues with those who like things to be umm, symmetrical. Design guru David Robb explains perfectly as to why the S 1000 RR has been designed the way it is. Do check out this video by Cycle Canada TV. This makes so much sense!

    Fun fact: David Robb's brother is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band 'Hoobastank'. Robb's father was a missionary in Japan! Oh, did I mention that Robb is also a pilot? I'm not talking about flying 'normal' planes, I'm talking about competition aerobatics!
    Keep the rubber side down!