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New Audi R8 Sets Indian Top Speed Record

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  • New Audi R8 Sets Indian Top Speed Record

    For a while now, the internet had been buzzing about the 'Indian Top Speed Record'. Until yesterday, all we knew about this major achievement was that it was being done by none other than Adity Patel, Audi LMS Cup racer, along with help from Audi India and Autocar. This feat was achieved sometime in July on a closed stretch of road, of about 7 kms, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. The conditions were closely monitored and certified by the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), Ernst & Young and the Limca Book of Records.

    The current record stood at 324.2 kph, set by Formula 1 driver Jamie Alguersuari during the 2011 Indian Grand Prix, was shattered with the New Audi R8 V10 Plus managing to achieve 332.2 kph!
    A picture of the odometer was uploaded by Patel on his social media handle, and I quote "When your foot falls asleep on the pedal... Must say, feels pretty cool to set the ‪#‎indianspeedrecord‬ in an @audiin R8 V10+ with @autocar_india. 338 kmph (332.2 vmax), 8500 rpm bouncing off the rev limiter in 7th gear = Nuts! Disclaimer: We did it on closed roads with support from the cops. Please don't try this on public roads. Also, I think I'm going to frame this ‪#‎GoPro‬ Shot and put it up on my wall. ‪#‎Audir8v10plus‬ #Gopro ‪#‎autocarindia‬. Thank you @autocar_india and @audiin for the opportunity."

    Here is the GoPro shot :
    Click image for larger version

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    The new record is a whole 8kph faster than the outgoing one! I can only begin to understand how difficult it might have been to pull this one off kind of event. The guys at Autocar and Audi were lucky to find this 7 km stretch of unopened road on the outskirts of Hyderabad and had it closed for the duration of the event with the help of the local authorities. This was done in a yellow coloreurd R8. Heres a picture of a Yellow R8 and Aditya, when he is out of office
    Click image for larger version

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    The R8 V10 Plus' 610hp of power on tap, coupled with Audi’s famed quattro (four wheel) drive system and a stunningly good chassis, meant this was a pretty potent recipe for hitting thse record figures. Aside from the R8 being in complete factory trim with no modifications whatsoever, the car was fitted with a wide array of data acquisition hardware to accurately record its true speed. The VBox managed to certify Aditya Patel's feat of beating the Audi-claimed 330kph top speed, with a 332.2kph one, in his first run! This was achieved with the R8 hitting the 8,500rpm rev limiter in seventh gear, in a mere 5.1km, giving Aditya a good 1.9km stretch to slow down.
    This is one record-breaking run that is as remarkable as it is memorable; it will forever be etched in Indian motoring history.
    I would also like to believe that it the first of many such records, afterall there ARE production cars around which are capable of much more

    The video below is the first of many released by Autocar, shortly before their Anniversary issue hits the stands. It is the in car footage of Patel behind the wheel of this monster. His composure during the whole thing is something remarkable and representative of his racing driver instincts!

    No traction, more action!

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    Originally posted by CorsaVeloce View Post
    I would also like to believe that it the first of many such records, afterall there ARE production cars around which are capable of much more

    I sense another speed record breaking attempt brewing, can I join?
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