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Tyre change for Hyundai i20

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  • Tyre change for Hyundai i20

    Hello all,
    I need a help in deciding about tyre change. I own an Hyundai i20 sportz crdi 2012 model. Its tyres are about to be changed in next few thousand kms.
    Size is 185/65R14. Kindly suggest a good tyre. I like fast driving and fast cornering. Are wide tyres good for fast driving and have less edge wear / tear when fast cornering? If so, which will be the widest tyre and brand/model to use. Thinking of upsizing without changing stock alloys. Is it OK to use 205/60R14 or 195/65R14 on stock alloys. Or is it must to have 185/65R14 only. 2) Average

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    sumitjangra, it is actually advisable to do an upgrade on the stock tire size that comes with the i20 as the torque on the diesel motor is decent. If you have got 185/65 R14 as standard, the correct upgrade size would be 195/60 R14 or 205/55 R14. Both these upgrades will not hamper your speedo errors and give you a lot more grip and stability. Out of the two, the 195 would be the ideal upgrade as with the 205 you might experience a slight dip efficiency and you may not get too many options in it.
    Depending on your budget, you could go in for either the Maxxis Victra i-Pro or the Michelin Energy XM+. Both these tires have great grip and provide for good fuel efficiency as well. As you mentioned being an enthusiastic driver, the maxxis will probably suit your driving style better as its got the softer sidewall of the two which will give you good grip while cornering fast.
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      <a href="">CorsaVeloce</a>, Thanks for prompt reply.<br><br>I do want to go for 205/55R14 if i can get, but in Michelin or Bridgestone only.<br>Being a novice in tyres (baring apart knowing meaning of ???/??R??). I had read a lot about upgrades, but was confused a bit with all the posts and reviews.<br><br>Two of my doubts still pending and if you could answer will be of great help.&nbsp;<br><br>1. Budget is not an issue to put in new tyres but I don't want to change stock alloys also. A dip in milage is also OK. Its like being an enthusiast who loves driving.<br>As you suggested, will wider 205/55R14 tyres fit in the stock alloys. I read that 0 - 20 mm increase is OK.<br>So... WILL THEY FIT ?<br><br>2. Many says that Michelin tyres are softer. Won't they have more corner wear-out. I was actually thinking of Bridgestone considering their hard rubber. I can sacrifice some confort if required, since i20 is already a comfortable hatch.<br>Now can I go for Bridgestone (Turanza or AR20 or something you suggest) or should I stick to Michelin as suggested by you earlier.<br>


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        It is safe to go for a 20mm increase in tyre width on the stock rims of your Hyundai i20. However, I don't think the size 205/55 R14 (14-inch rims) is available in India. What you can safely get is 195/60 R14 - this size is available with Michelin and Bridgestone, so you can choose between the two. It will also be the ideal upsize for the i20. It will safely fit on the stock alloy rim and will not compromise mileage. It will definitely improve handling as well. If you want 205 mm width tyres, you will have to swap rims also as that size comes with 15-inch rims. I would suggest sticking to 195/60 R14 size tyres for your car.
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          Roshun, Thanks for reply.
          I checked with local dealers. 205/55R14 is indeed not available.

          Don't want to change stock alloy.
          I do want to go for 205, to have good grip at high speed, breaking and cornering. A bit dip in milage or comfort is OK.

          205/60R14 is available but only in Bridgestone G-III @4300/-. Is there any issue with this size or the model.

          Or do you still suggest 195/60R14. Then model?

          Another option I could find in 201/60R14 is Yokohama S-Drive @4500/-.
          Need advice,
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            Hi all, after reading reviews about tyre upsizing, I changed my i20 CRDi old worn out tyres 185/65R14 to 205/60R14 (Yokohama s-drive). Facing a small issue since the change. The sides of all four tyres are showing wear within 1st 1000 km run. Especially front two. Alignment is OK. Keeping pressure at 35 psi as told by the dealer. Should I increase pressure to say 37 or 38 psi? Still wondering what else can be done.... Can softer sidewall (even softer than Apollo stock tyres) be the reason? Or speed cornering (which I normally always do) be the reason. Though driving is mostly on good city/highways.


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              Hi Sumit, yes, I think the wider tyres combined with a softer sidewall is the reason you are seeing wear on the corners. There must be quite a bit more sidewall flex and since you are cornering hard, with wider tyres, there&#39;s probably more stress on the outer edges, especially on the front two. If alignment is OK and tyre pressure is optimum, your best bet would be to rotate the tyres every 5000 km and even reverse them (inside out) every 10,000 km to even out the wear. However, since S-Drives have a unidirectional pattern ( I think) instead of reversing, you&#39;ll have to swap rims left to right for the tyres every 10,000 km or so, and rotate same side front to rear every 5000 km.
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