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Upgrading Skoda Rapid Headlamps

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  • Upgrading Skoda Rapid Headlamps

    Hello, I have a Skoda Rapid 2013 Model. In my car, the headlights are the single type ones, I want to upgrade to the one seen in the new upgraded Rapid. I called the Skoda showroom, and they said it is not possible as the light fittings are not the same. How can I upgrade it? Please tell me as soon as possible. Thanks, Sunil Bhan.
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    Yes, the shape of the new headlamps is not compatible with the old Skoda Rapid. However, can you clarify if you have the one with the plain parabolic reflector type headlight as seen in this photo...

    Or do you have the refreshed, facelifted model that came with single projector headlamps, like this one...

    If you have the older one, you can easily upgrade the headlights to the projector type headlights seen on the white one. It's a bolt on fit for the Skoda Rapid.
    However, it won't be possible to fit the new headlights as seen on the latest facelifted Rapid.
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      Where i can upgrade it. Right now i am leaving in Haryana, Delhi 150 KM from my city and Chandigarh is 100 km. If you can provide me contact details than i will be visit there.


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