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Yamaha R15S air filter change for better sound?

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  • Yamaha R15S air filter change for better sound?

    Hello, I am using a Yamaha R15S for almost 10 months and I need to change my bike's sound, but it should not be much louder. I need smooth sound, not a noisy one but more than the original sound. It will be better if someone can suggest a modification without changing the air filter of the bike.

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    There are a few things you can do to improve the sound on your Yamaha R15. One of them is to obviously swap out the stock air filter with a K&N performance air filter, which will give you slightly better performance and a slightly better engine note. The other thing is to modify the exhaust - if you have a budget of about Rs. 8,000 or Rs. 10,000, you can get a proper performance exhaust fitted to the R15. Another way to improve sound and some performance is to remove the catalytic converter - but this is a messy job, as it involves cutting the exhaust at the bend (just before the muffler) and removing the catalytic converter and then welding it again.
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      Actually, I don't want to install K&N filter because its sound is so heavy and loud and also I don't want to change/modify exhaust. I have to keep same exhaust and also not want to install K&N filter too. Please tell some other way to get smooth and decent sound. Which can come under budget.


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        Devender What Roshun said is right. As far as I know, these are the only ways you can improve the sound/ performance. Unfortunately, it's not possible to have the cake and eat it as well You'll have to compromise somewhere. You can get a decent performance exhaust like the Daytona exhaust for a reasonable price. Mostly, proper aftermarket exhausts are made in a way that frees up the exhaust gas flow. Naturally, the sound increases and so does the performance.
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