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Exilis droidET Android Double DIN Stereo with Navigation -Quick Review

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  • Exilis droidET Android Double DIN Stereo with Navigation -Quick Review

    I have come across a south Indian Car Stereo Brand called Exilis Technologies whose product called the droidET I am using for the last 2 months.Wanted to give you guys a quick review on the same.

    After the horrific Clarion AX1,this was a welcome change.The first thing was that the interface was just like our Android phone so it was just a matter of minutes familiarizing with the overall system and its various functions.The main advantage is that here,we have direct access to play-store and all the android apps which was not the case with the AX1. Clarion had its own version of app store called the Infogo with only a limited number of apps. Immediately Installed google maps along as the stock map app given was HERE maps which is quite useful but not as familiar to me as Google maps.

    Exilis also have customised stereo's for cars but I purchased the Universal one.The Honda City and Hyundai Verna ones are posted below.


    Coming back to the droidET,The Stereo is compatible with Front camera(DVR).You need a camera and an SD Card(to be put into the GPS Card slot).So that makes it convenient for future upgrades.Also Notice the Different background lights in different can choose between solid colors like red,green,blue,white or adjust the color palette to get the color matching your center console lighting.There's also an auto mode where all these color's change in a set pattern.

    The Inbuilt WiFi makes it easy to update apps and maps on the go.If you don't like an app for instance the stock music app just uninstall install a new one.Just as simple as that.
    The package included a Free Reverse Camera and ELM 327 OBD-II Adapter.The system also had torque app pre installed.Viewing the car stats on the screen is quite cool.
    The most important point is the smoothness of the system.No matter how many apps run in the background its practically lag free thanks to the 1GB RAM.Regular cheap chinese devices I have seen come with 512MB only.

    I will update this thread on how this device fares in the long run.For now I am a happy customer and BTW the Audio quality is also very good and is quite an upgrade from my previous Xenos ORCA-A 2 DIN.

    Click image for larger version

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    Good bye for now....

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    Android 4.4 Kitkat
    6.2" Full HD Touchscreen
    Inbuilt Wifi
    Mood Lighting

    Bluetooth Handsfree,A2DP
    Mobile Broadband
    Online and Offline Navigation
    1.2ghz Dual core Processor
    1GB Samsung DDR3 RAM
    8GB ROM Expandable till 64GB
    Upto 2TB Harddisk support
    DVR Ready
    OBD-II Compatible
    Steering Wheel Control Ready
    and Tons of Android apps available...
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    Good to see such options being available in the market. I like the look of the console for the City. It is big enough and does not look aftermarket-ish. Is the screen resistive or capacitive?


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      Shreyans Its Capacitive touch and very responsive and practically lag free due to the extra RAM available.
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        JOY MRC Mind Sharing the cost too & the installation. Are your running a sub with this? How much Rom is actually usable? What about the after sales service? That's too many questions
        A question wasa creeping in mind that how did u sourced the dash panel for Rio? Being the rare car its super rare to get that panel.
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          Ronny That's a bunch of questions all right but not too much don't worry.will try to answer what i know.I got it at a special rate which came to 25k including installation.yes,I am running a sub which was purchased along with the Xenos 2 DIN.Its an Active underseat one called Xenos Tusker 270.Gives good punch,doesnt hamper bootspace as it sits under the passenger seat and gives a good bum massage too for the co-passenger ,Aftersales is not an issue as i have insider contacts with the company.Useable ROM I have no idea as havent checked it.I have an 8gb sd card and 32gb USB stick running on it.and apps are being installed onto the card.will check it out later and confirm.Regarding Fascia/Trim.My car came with a factory 2 DIN(Nippon make) like what you had in FIZZY but with Green backlight. So I had to just replace the stereo and not source a dashkit which would mean going back to aliexpress as these are not available easily on market.The Rio will accomodate all universal double din stereo's which is a releif.The Exilis is the hopefully the last i will have to fit in the car.As this silver panel is the most removed and refitted panel on the car so far by installers and myself to correct the issues the installers had done[Stock stereo-Xenos ORCA-AUZO-HOWEST-Clarion AX1-Mapymyindia i501(days)-Motevo(days)-Exilis].The Installers havent been kind and it's so bad that its fadedchipped as an idiot tried to pry it out using a screw driver and looks quite old now.I enquired the price and its 3k for a new panel.rather I have ordered a can of Com-paint(300gm,Generic silver) from amazon and hope to redo the panel as a DIY.Item is in transit.Hope I dont make a mess of it . EDIT: Useable ROM is 5.65GB out of 8GB
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            JOY MRC It still is a good buy considering the price your paid for the product. Though i am unaware of the brand exilis but if u have some contacts in the company than i hope the after sales would be good enough & won't mind replacing the unit if anything goes wrong. 5.85 Usable rom i think would suffice all the basic needs one would like to have in a car. The must have Torque app, Playstore, 2 Music Apps, Video players & Maps. That's all i would want in my ICE head unit. My bad i have a Indo-chinese make head unit naming Hamaan which offers basic Neccesity of attaching AV, USB, Micro SD, BT & camera. It operates on Java. I got bored of my old Nippon head unit (Swift make) so thought of replacing with another. I am not fond of Touchscreen units as to me to it somehow distract the drivers attention. I still don't use touchscreen though i have priviledge to use one but stil..NO. What's more intresting is that i bought this @cheapstake rates from a person who operates his online shop namingly which deals in car audio accesories. Having a online purchase one may think that i shall not get warranty claims but i am eligible for that too. i think i should have a new thread of ICE unit as yours to give a better description.
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              Ronny I am familiar with HAMAAN brand and it is available in accessory shops here.It is cheap yet carries a warraty which is a good thing.It runs on WINCE 6.0 os like most mainstream,chinese stereo's including mapmyindia ones.I had used many wince systems before and my first Xenos ORCA-A was also the same(android HU wasn't available in market then). I had seen this site based) when i was looking for a stereo and they had really low prices for the listings.I shot an enquiry for a HAMAAN system listed in the site but no reply till date.I had posted same query in another site called were quick to respond and even gave other suggestions since the product was not in stock.Then i saw this Xenos system on ebay from seller storeji which had navigation too for 18K after a 2k coupon discount(Xenos customer care was also excellent) shop quote was 24k(MRP 28k),similar with exilis the dealer here quoted 30k that's why i bought it direct. I agree that using the touch screen can be quite a task while driving through our pothole filled roads.but fortunately Exilis has a Right hand Drive favoured switch we dont have to touch the screen that much and the most used switches are easier to access.The Volume key,return and home button are all to the right than in left as seen normally in most systems.there is also a dedicated play/pause button which is also convenient while at toll gates. I only had to install Hotstar app,MX player(force of habit as i have it in my phone.) and CM Lite to clear junk files when using online video sites.The system came preloaded with a ton of apps including Torque app full,google and HERE Maps.I just had to update the apps on the device over WiFi.Overall things are going smoothly and it stays like that.Had too many swaps already
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                JOY MRC Yes is a delhi based seller having their stores & offices in Noida, Bangalore & Delhi. I first saw there ad on OLX & he immediately redirected my to his website to have a deeper look into the specifications. Yes i am aware of the fact that they are quite lazy to respond as i had visited there store 2 months ago in person & found there office setup in 1 BHK room having only 3 employees handling order dispatch, queries, billing & server updation. So expect delays in there process. They store relatively economical brands & chinese one too which sells in huge quantities. I would advice If someone can collect the product himself in person than its a good idea to bargain first before paying as he already drops the rate of shipping. I myself bought mine which cost a mere 5000+ Installation costed approx. 800 including Component speakers. I am curently running a Blaupunkt GTT1100 10" Sub which is not boomy & set to my desired taste of being a bit punchy. Rear ones are coaxial RMS 50W Sony make & the front stage is JBL component 6.5". All the speakers are connected with Scosche RCA cables & runs absolutely fine. But the only issue i find in this is wheneve i restart my car, the shuffle mode is reset. Rest unit is lag free, budget friendly, feature rich & touch screen for those who actually wants to use. Hamaan is a Sub - brand under Esquire Electrovision Delhi dealing the car electrical accesories. They have setup there distribution & after sales center in Delhi itself.
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                  JOY MRC

                  hello joy i have an exilis stereo in my car but unfortunately it stopped functioning . can u suggest me nearest service centre in south india please


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                    [QUOTE_NODE]"Originally posted by Priyank_S_Chatra" JOY MRChello joy i have an exilis stereo in my car but unfortunately it stopped functioning . can u suggest me nearest service centre in south india please [/QUOTE_NODE] Priyank_S_Chatra No worries. Contact Rishy(09445864801) from Exilis to know the service details. Merry Christmas..
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