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Sound Coming On Crossing 120km/h Speed,Chevrolet Spark

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  • Sound Coming On Crossing 120km/h Speed,Chevrolet Spark

    Chevrolet Spark ,2009,47k,petrol

    While Driving at Speeds More Than 120km/h ,there is Hmm-Hmm or Hunn-Hunn Like sound coming from the car ,not a Continous one but like in a Cyclic Pattern .It only comes after crossing 120km/h speed and When i put the foot off the Accelerator Pedal at 130km/h then it stopped, but as i again pressed the accelerator at 120, it again started.
    Below 120km/h there is no problem with and without accelerator. .

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    Shubham Gupta If you felt a slight vibration in you steering as well, your wheels are out of balance and need balancing, else it could be 'tyre noise' or the wheel bearings. If the wheel bearings are shot, they will become more audible in lower speeds as well as it gets worn down the line. so don't change in a hurry if it is indeed the bearings.
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