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Chevrolet Beat Acceleration Problem

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  • Chevrolet Beat Acceleration Problem

    I just bought a second hand Chevrolet Beat diesel 2012 model.
    I'm facing a major acceleration issue.
    I started my car in first gear and at 10kmph, I switched to second gear... the car started losing acceleration. Even after full acceleration, the car could not move beyond 12 kmph.
    So I stopped my car after that and drove it after 20 mins. It runs like a charm. This happened 3 times with me. I'm really scared as this is my first car.
    Sometimes this used to happen at higher speed as well. Can someone suggest what could be the problem?

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    There could be two issues that are likely with your Chevrolet Beat diesel.
    1. This sounds like your cars engine control module (ECU) is going into limp mode. It is probably sensing that there is some issue in the engine and the ECU is shifting the car into limp mode. Here it will only provide basic amount of RPM (below 2000) to keep the car moving, and you won't be able to accelerate much.
    2. It could be a problem with your accelerator pedal sensor. The Chevrolet Beat diesel is a "drive-by-wire" car, where the accelerator pedal is electronic. If there is an issue with the sensor, it usually behaves this way, where no matter how much you press the pedal, the car will not accelerate.

    What you will need to do is to take the car to a Chevrolet ASC and connect it to the scanner to scan for error codes. They may need to replace the accelerator pedal sensor as well. They will also flash the ECU using the computer. That should work. Sudhanshu
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      Beat acceration problem cannot raise rpm meter sudden decrease what is the problem pls help me


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        how did u solve the problem.... Evn I am facing the same problem now...
        2012 beat diesel