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Trigger disc brake issue

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  • Trigger disc brake issue

    Can any one help on Honda Trigger front disc brake issue? It gets jammed regularly, cleaned up many times, but not working. Even not able to find the caliper at any service center and Honda spares showroom. If any alternative is available please suggest.

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    One of the main reasons for the front disc brake getting jammed is due to a faulty caliper piston, which refuses to retract into the caliper once the brake is applied. This could partly be due to rust or dirt within the caliper. The solution is to get the caliper removed and cleaned, and when you refit it, make sure there is no air in the brake fluid as that can lead to erratic braking behaviour.
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      ‚ÄčJitendra Punia Damn, it sounds dangerous! Yeah, as Roshun said, it is better to get the caliper removed and cleaned. If the spares showroom doesn't have them, try calling the Honda customer care number (1800 103 3434 (Toll Free) Timing: 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM). From what I've heard, the customer care is efficient in addressing your problems. Since this issue is potentially dangerous, I suggest you contact the customer care so that they can address your problem at the earliest.
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        Jitendra Punia
        I have same issue with my rear disk break of CB Trigger, I have changed the Piston and O ring also clean the Caliper multiple times. when i ride the bike the Pad and disk is overheated and getting jammed. but if i put water on caliper then jam is cleared in 15 seconds. The issue is not with caliper or Piston the issue with brake oil leakage and it catches air so please check all the nut bolt and the wiser by which it catches air.