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How to REPLACE axle shaft boot in Fiat Palio 1.2 nv ?

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  • How to REPLACE axle shaft boot in Fiat Palio 1.2 nv ?

    Recently while looking at the under body of my Fiat Palio 1.2 petrol car , I found that one of the boots on drive shaft is cracked. it is not advisable to continue this condition for the better health of the car. I usually prefer DIY job to be done.
    The actual situation is as shown in the picture.
    To replace the rubber boot comfortable, I must remove the axle first. The wheel side end can easily be made free br removing wheel, axle nut, tie rod bolt, lower arm bolt and knuckle.
    My confusion is about how to remove the other end, i.e. the end linked inward side toward gear box differential.
    I need help from you all knowledgeable and experienced forum-people on t he topic - How can I replace the damaged boot and what should I do for the same?
    I am attaching the pics of the damaged boot and all other related to have a clear idea of the situation.
    Also see "
    Fiat Palio 1 2 nv Petrol Drive shafts and Axles (Rubber boot damaged)" in youtube :
    Please guide me in detail.
    Thanks to you all in anticipation.

    Navin Talati / 04-11-2017