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Ford Ecosport 1st Service - Ford's Happy Pocket service looks a distant dream!!

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  • Ford Ecosport 1st Service - Ford's Happy Pocket service looks a distant dream!!

    Hi All,

    This is a Summary of the first major service (not counting the 1 month check-up visit to ***) done to my Ecosport Diesel (Trend+). The mileage was ~6200 kms. As some of you would be thinking that I crossed the 12 months period from purchase - No I didn't. I some how believe a 1 year service interval to be a bit too harsh on my car, given the demanding city traffic in Gurgaon/NCR. Hence I am planning a six-month period, the idea is to get a service in the start of the year and then go for a check-up before (severe) summers kick in.
    Regarding the service I was quoted an initial estimate of Rs 2000 - 2500 and the final bill was Rs 3054. The only additional activity performed was wheel balancing and alignment which costed me ~1200/-. This was way beyond my expectation as I can easily get this done in my neighbourhood (Old-Delhi Gurgaon Road, Sector 17A road Gurgaon) at ~600-700.
    Other than this, the service quality was overall fine, and I can sense the improvement in ride quality. I must say Tanish Ford is much reliable *** in Gurgaon as compared to Harpreet Ford.
    Coming back to previous point, I think 1st service, with no apparent labour charges, was a bit pricey.
    Mods/members/Fellow Fordians, please contribute with your suggestions. Invoice copy attached.
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    Monk4rdist I think the service cost, not including alignment and balancing, is very nominal. I was looking at the bill and there is nothing that is expensive in it. However, I think alignment and balancing could have been cheaper - as like you rightly said - you can get this done at an independent alignment / tyre shop for Rs. 500- Rs. 700 (depending on the number of weights they have to add to the wheel to balance it). Also see this thread about the running maintenance cost between Ford vehicles and other vehicles:
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      <a href="">Roshun</a><br>Super agreed, thanks for your reply. Actually the wheel alignment was the only job charged, apart from regular consumables. So my concern is once you exhaust your free services, or visit them apart from scheduled services, the labour charges are going to cost a bomb. Also, my post was to highlight delta between Happy Pocket service and the actual cost incurred.


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        Monk4rdist I had pulled out a list of labour charges for various Ford services. Here it is. Ford promises that the services would approximately cost this much. There could be a variation of about +/- 10%-15% depending on the state, taxes and parts changed.
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