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Do you want the Odd-Even Rule Back?

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    NikilSJ Haha I have the 110bhp one or as CorsaVeloce says the 'detuned' one so let's just assume that my car's carbon footprints are well in control.


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      Rhythem Raswant Yea that too, I got a quote of almost 35k from Icici !


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        Rhythem Raswant, I think you and me will both agree that it is time the odd-even is planned better and integrated with the city's planning policies for the future.
        This morning, the first day of 'regular' traffic was colliding with the strike called on by some of the taxi unions and owners. The exits towards Haryana and UP were blocked by these protesters and as a result, all the main roads were blocked for almost 6 hours. There were massive hold-ups on the NH8, which created jams on both the Ring Roads.
        I took over 3 hours to reach Chanakyapuri from Noida. This is a distance of 35 kms which usually takes about 45 mins in normal traffic conditions!!

        With this heat, traffic, pollution and the great governance, I am seriously wondering where this city is heading..
        No traction, more action!


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          @corsaveloce Totally agree with you bro.