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30 Years of Jawa Motorcycles

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  • 30 Years of Jawa Motorcycles

    After World War II, Europe was in disarray. The economy was crippled and there needed to be a logical, practical and utilitarian form of transport that could be relied upon for everything from commute to transporting goods. As a need for the hour, both sides, the democratic and the communist came up with their own solutions for simple, cost-effective machines that would serve the needs of day to day life. For the western side, this primarily turned out to be in mostly a scooter form with Piaggio’s Vespa. For the eastern bloc, while there were quite a few manufacturers, Jawa motorcycles stood out as the most expansive both in their global reach and acclaim.

    Jawa motorcycles were based on a simple philosophy – creating a motorcycle that was cost-effective, simple and reliable. This was quite the contrast from western European motorcycles like BMWs or Triumphs, that were more sophisticated in their design, thus requiring considerably more attention in service and repair. Jawa motorcycles were tank-like tough, where they ousted their rival in long-run durability over outright power. While the company started in Prague in 1929, then part of Czechoslovakia, it was the post-war era that brought the Jawa brand to the world. During its peak, Jawa Motorcycles were exported to 120 countries, of which its most predominant region after Europe was from India.

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    6 classic icons from Jawa Motorcycles that span 30-years of the company's legacy, curated by one to be ridden around the country.

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    Jakebarrell Thank you for the informative post. The Jawa bikes were robust and quite ahead of the days in terms of reliability. There are many bikes which are still in running condition after so many years. Most of the bikers would not have heard of the brand, but its good that Mahindra is trying to revive the brand in India. It looks like your post has got cut mid way. Can you please post the rest of your write-up.
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      Arjun Hi Arjun, I did share a link to the full story, not sure why the link got removed., You can read the article here-