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    Username: captrajesh
    Real name: Rajesh P.M.K.
    Location: Trivandrum (Temporary) Secunderabad (Permanent)
    Occupation: Banker (Currently)
    Cars / Bikes I own: Nothing interesting to write about
    Interests: Audio, Riding & Golfing (In the order of preference)


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      Hi All,

      Username : rob67

      Real name : Robin
      Location : Navi Mumbai
      Occupation (optional) : Automobile Expert
      Cars / Bikes I own (optional) : Grand i10 / Pulsar
      Interests (optional) : Driving and Reading


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        Hi All,

        Username: Biju Jose
        Real name: Biju Jose
        Location: KL 07

        Occupation : IT Consultancy / Support
        Cars / Bikes I own : FIAT Linea MJD / TVS Apache 150
        Interests : Long Distance Driving, Photography, Cars, Social Networking.

        Fb :


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          I missed this post . Better Late than never...

          Username: JOY M.R.C
          Real name: JOY M R CHANDRAN
          Location: Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala
          Occupation: Finished my Previous Project,Looking for a job i Love
          Cars / Bikes I own: A Super-Rare 2014 Premier Rio CRDi4 Lx,2005 Maruti Esteem VXi,1995 LML-Vespa Select 150 ES
          Interests: Cars,Cars and more Cars,Food,Gaming,Driving,Music,DIY stuff's
          If "Plan - A" didn't work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay Cool...


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            Hi All,

            Username: Naree

            Real name: Naresh
            Location: Bangalore
            Occupation (optional): Software Engineer
            Cars / Bikes I own (optional): Bajaj Pulsar 150cc , Mahindra Classic 4x4
            Interests (optional): Travel , Jeeps


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              Hello All!

              Username: rajnish
              Real Name: Rajnish Bhatia
              Location: Near Amritsar, Punjab.
              Occupation : Retired Architect
              Cars / Bikes I own: Getz 1.3L Petrol (2005)
              Interests: Cars, Cricket, Meditation.


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                Username : Akshat Pokhriyal
                Real Name : Akshat Pokhriyal
                Location : Hyderabad
                Occupation : Software Engineer
                Cars I Own : Skoda Octavia 1.9
                Interests : Cars, reading, travelling, eating, coffee.


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                  Username : vinodkalotra
                  Real Name : Vinod Kalotra
                  Location : Pune
                  Occupation : Security Services
                  Cars I Own : Alto LXI
                  Interests : Cars, Bikes, Travelling, Driving, Photography, Trying different cuisines.


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                    Username: Morpheus
                    Real name: Shivaram Arun
                    Location: Hyderabad
                    Occupation: PhD Scholar
                    Cars I own: Hyundai i20
                    Interests: Driving, Reading, Cycling


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                      Hello This is Vikas Gupta, I am from Chandigarh. I love to travel and see places. I own a Honda Amaze and a Mahindra Quanto. Thanks


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                        Username: Ashster
                        Real Name: Ashwin Ravindran
                        Location: Chennai
                        Occupation: Entrepreneur
                        My Rides: Hyundai Verna
                        Interests: Gaming, Reading

                        A little about myself: I'm a mechanical engineer and I'm currently working on my own startup which is working on connected cars and IOT. Would love to share my product to fellow motor heads for free and get their views and feedback.



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                          Hello Folks,
                          I'm a biker from Mumbai. I work as a Philanthropy Specialist at international charity animal rights charity, PETA but artist and biker in spirit
                          I currently ride a Royal Enfield Classic Chrome 500 which I modified after 30,000 kms to 535 cc using a GT piston. My tours include Two Delhi- Ladakh ( one solo), Delhi To Varanasi, Delhi to Goa and sveral tours to Rajsathan. Glad to be a part of this community! I'm in to rock climbing, camping and biking as a traveler, staying in hostels, peoples homes and open grounds.

                          Currently working on my first biker film. Please see trailer below,
                          Peace and light


                          Prashant a.k.a Psi Pixel


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                            Psi_Pixel Glad to have you on the Forum. Looking forward to a variety of travelogues, riding experiences and tips. Eagerly awaiting your biker movie, loved the trailer by the way When is it coming out?
                            if everything comes your way, you are in the wrong lane.


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                              Psi_Pixel Glad to have you here. Awesome trailer by the way and looking forward for the real thing. CHEERS!
                              If "Plan - A" didn't work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay Cool...


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                                Hello JijoMalayil, thanks bro, I'm doing the final editing these days so hopefully in a month or two :-)
                                Thanks @Joymrc it is a labour of love so hope to do justice with the full trailer, and I hope India has the stomach for music focused travel documentaries ;-) peace