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Should I go for Tigor Automatic or baleno automatic?

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  • Should I go for Tigor Automatic or baleno automatic?

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to buy a car in the next two months.

    Here are my requirements:

    1. Needs to be automatic and with good suspension,

    2. Should be spacious.

    3. I would be traveling around 60 kms (alone) on weekdays and around 20 kms on weekends (with mom and dad).

    5. I will be using it mostly for city drive and occasional short distance highway travel.

    4. Budget - maximum 12 lakhs OTR (Bangalore)

    Based on the above, I had shortlisted Tigor, Baleno and Nexon.

    However, I am now inclined towards Tigor, as I heard that Baleno's suspension isn't that great and Nexon's back is too flashy for my tastes.

    Should I go for Tigor AMT or would you recommend something else?


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    Dilip_Bharadwaj The Tigor AMT is a very good choice and it also has one of the smoothest AMT's around albeit a bit of the jerks happen at times. The Elite i20 will launch a new CVT automatic in May so that is something to watch out for. It is coming in the 1.2 engine variant so prices won't be as absurd as the older 1.4 variant. Jazz CVT also has roomy interiors but since its already available and didn't make it to your shortlist, I guess you don't like it. If you can wait till May, check out the i20 CVT else you can go ahead with the Tigor. It's a brilliant package overall. Regards...
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